Saturday, June 30, 2007

Worn To A Frazzle

While the colors of Baguio is really enrapturing. Still... nothing beats the warmth that Cabanatuan can offer.
Hmmm. If only I could find another suitable and legal job that pays P500 bucks per hour.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Just a Quick Round-up

Today, June 23, 2007
Just finished the seminar/workshop of the Barangay officials of Talavera, Nueva Ecija held in Greenland Leisure Suites in Cabanatuan City.

Yesterday, June 22, 2007
Induction of officers of IBP - Nueva Ecija Chapter. The new lawyers of the province were introduced to the group. Chief Justice Renato Puno was the guest of honor. It was held in La Parilla Hotel, Cabanatuan City.

Two Days Ago, June 21, 2007
I have met my students for the first time in Araullo University. I'll be teaching Taxation 1 in three separate classes from 6:30 to 8 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and from 6:30 to 9:30 pm Wednesdays and Fridays. (Jeez, I dunno how I gonna fit this to my schedule.)

From Three Days Ago to Almost a Week Ago, June 14 to 20, 2007
I was in Baguio City conducting seminar for the Municipalities of Bongabon, San Antonio and Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija.

... promise to catch-up on posting soon!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hectic June

I am here again in Baguio for the NGAS Seminar of the barangay officials of Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. There are 32 cities/municipalities in Nueva Ecija for which my Association (ALANE) is tasked to train. So far, we have already trained the barangay officials of the Municipality of Talugtug and Carranglan is our second municipality to train.
For the month of June, I will be going back and forth to Baguio and Cabanatuan City for the workshop/seminar of Bongabon (June 15-17 in Baguio), San Antonio and Pantabangan (June 18-20 in Baguio), Sta. Rosa (also on June 18-20 in Cabanatuan), Talavera (June 21-23 in Cabanatuan), San Jose (June 25-27 in Baguio) and Rizal (June 27-29 in Baguio).
As our Association's President, I have to make sure that every seminar/workshop we conducted is in accordance with the training design provided by the Commission on Audit. At the same time, I act as speaker/lecturer on the new systems and procedures manual on the management of barangay funds and properties. I mostly handle the topic on disbursements and took it upon myself to educate our barangay officials on the proper use of government funds as well as reminding them of their fiscal responsibilities.
Then, Araullo University gave me a load of subjects (12 units/4 subjects) to teach in their College of Commerce. So, this semester, I will be teaching Taxation 1 and Business Law 1 subjects. Almost a decade ago, I have taught Accounting subjects in the same school and also in another school in Cabanatuan but eversince my promotion in my job and my subsequent enrolment in Law School, I have to let go of teaching and just concentrate on my work and studies. So now, after so many years of requests from Araullo University, I will again be teaching... so students... beware (hehehe).
Geez, so many things to do in June and I have not even started on my law profession. And more importantly... I promised myself that I will pay more attention now to my love life (read ZERO) but with my schedules? HELP!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Nowadays, when you say Pampanga, one can't help but be amazed on how a priest won as governor in the recent elections. But Pampanga has more than just politics to offer, in fact, it is one of the more progressive provinces in Central Luzon despite the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the 1990s.


One of the major reasons why Pampanga sits on top of the region is Clark Field. For decades it was known simply as the Clark US Air Force Base, home to American pilots serving in the Pacific. Today, with the pilots long gone, the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) is setting out to become the hub for business, industry, aviation, and tourism in the Philippines as well as the entertainment and gaming centre of Asia.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Clark Field, Pampanga

I was basically one week in Clark Field Pampanga to attend a nationwide seminar for local accountants on May 30 to June 1 and to visit the place together with my highschool classmates over the weekend.
The 4th Annual National Conference of the Philippine Association of Local Government Accountants was held from May 30 to June 1, 2007 in Oxford Hotel, Clark Field, Pampanga. The conference was attended by various provincial, city and municipal accountants all over the country. With me in the picture were the city/municipal accountants of Gapan, Sta. Rosa, San Jose, Talavera and Rizal (all from Nueva Ecija).

Then, on Sunday, my friends from highschool got together and decided to go to Clark and unwind. We spent all day just roaming around the area visiting places such as Mimosa, Goddess of Peace Marker, Picnic Place nad of course Duty Free Shops.
With me in the picture are Lady Dentist Shalimar Alilam, Cherry Leonardo (a Nurse from London) and Engineer Dante Bernabe of Mapua Institute of Technology.
Since uploading picture at this time seems to take forever, I'll posts pics taken from Clark, Pampanga some other time.