Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Baguio Trip

Just got back from another three-day trip (August 29-31) in Baguio City. This time, I am in Baguio to conduct a seminar on the Barangay Officials of Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. Cabiao is the 23rd of the 32 Cities/Municipalities of Nueva Ecija that we have to train and since there will be Barangay elections come October, the COA and ALANE have decided to conduct the seminar of the 9 remaining Cities/Municipalities after the election.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

BAR 2007 Pre Week

Isn't it ironic? Political and International Law was supposed to be the subject which we are most prepared of considering that it is the first exam of the eight BAR subjects. But when I received my ratings during the last year's BAR exams, it is the subject where I got the lowest grade. To wit: here are the rankings of my eight BAR subjects from highest to lowest:
1 - Labor Law and Social Legislation
2 - Civil Law
3 - Mercantile Law
4 - Criminal Law
5 - Taxation
6 - Remedial Law
7 - Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises
8 - Political & International Law
Maybe it was jitters, or anxiety and nervousness set-in because it is the first exam of the series. Or maybe because I had to sleep only for about two hours the night before. Believe me, I tried to sleep but I really can't. I was really surprised at my rating in Labor Law considering that it is not one of my strongest subjects in school. Also in Criminal Law, I felt really down after taking the exam last year and just hoped that I won't get a DQ but hey, my grade in Criminal Law was even higher than my grade in Taxation - the subjects which I thought I aced (but evidently not hehehe). Well, everything is under the bridge now and what matters most now is that I passed the BAR on my first try.
For the barristers of 2007 BAR, their pre-week starts now. The first decision they will have to decide on is whether to attend a pre-week review class or not. The decision entirely depends on where a barriester is most effective. In my case, I decided to attend the pre-week class because my class is in the afternoon. I used my mornings and nights to read my pre-week notes, important codal provisions, hand-outs/summaries and short pre-week reviewers. During my slack time, I listen to recorded lectures I took during the review.
1. Pray as you wake up;
2. Find the most comfortable place to stay for the pre-week. Be it in the library or in the comfort of your own room;
3. Do not rely on tips or hopes of leakage;
4. Do not cram, Relax!!!;
5. Try to establish an earlier sleeping habit so that you can get up earlier;
6. Do not review anything for the first time this week;
7. Pray before going to bed.
So to my friends taking the 2007 BAR and other Barristers. GOODLUCK!!! You will see me and your friends cheering in the BAR-OPS.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Surf and Browse

Unbelievable. Today, I find myself in front of the computer all day. That's basically eight hours at the office and another six or so hours at home. I got to install new virus softwares and at the same time removed the "Taga Lipa Are" lurking in place of my Windows Internet Explorer.
Then, I got the chance to check all my e-mails as well as my friendster account. I also changed some of the items and links in my sidebar here. Too bad, I do not know how to make my blog look better visually but anyways, at least I like it as it is now. Maybe someday I'll commission some technokids to improve the look of my blog.
I also got the chance to visit other blogs linked here as well as other bloggers in the blogosphere. One blog I liked so much is the blog of the anonymous lawyer. In his latest post about his associate who invited him to his (the associate's) wedding, he posted:
"It bothers me that this associate has friends, and family that's still speaking to him. It means we're not working him hard enough. I fear I've failed him. I'll have to work harder at getting him some time-consuming assignments this next quarter."
And in one of his latter posts about age discrimination in law offices, he said:
"Maybe you're willing to work hard. But you're probably not willing to be humiliated, and honestly it's a lot less fun to humiliate a 40-year-old, with 2 kids and 3 ex-wives and a mortgage and a limp than it is to humiliate a 25-year-old without any responsibilities except to the firm. You want to blame someone for this? Blame your law school for accepting you. No one forced you into this game. No one pretended you would be employable. And don't think law is the only industry where this is an issue. Ask a 40-year-old TV writer. If you can find one. Or a 40-year-old exotic dancer. Don't see too many of those either, at least not at the summer associate strip club events. Maybe we just pick our venue carefully, but I've got to believe there's some pretty big age discrimination going on there too."
Honestly, this blog is entertaining with some semblance of truth in it. And no doubt about it, I will read his previous posts when I have time. In fact, I put his blog on top of my everyday reads. So go check it out.
Another blog that is on top of my list is Ferdz Decena's blog Ironwulf. I admire and at the same time envy this guy not only for the way he took his pictures but at the same time on the way he writes. He tells a story as if you are traveling with him. So, there is no more need to go to such places because he has already captured the essense and beauty of the place. One day, I wish that I could meet this guy and shook his hand and congratulate and at the same time thank him for his job well done.
Two blogs worth mentioning are the blogs of two of my friends in highschool. During my highschool days, there are six of us who formed a barkada group called JANREM. We were really close during our highschool days but kinda go out of our separate ways in college. Except for one or to occassions, we rarely meet and see each other since high school graduation.
To my surprise, two of them maintain regular blogs. Momar (the "A" in JANREM)has Flipped & Twisted - a blog of a filipino in the twisted us of a showcasing his rants, raves and ramblings, random thoughts (or not) about everything and anything under the sun. Movies, tv, dvd, books, coffee, food, places, people, concerts, shows, musicals, cities, restaurants and cultures. Momar is presently the editor-in-chief of Asian Journal and is now based in Los Angeles, California.
My other friend is Mayette (the "M" in JANREM). We haven't talked in about seventeen years so I was really glad when she leave a note in my blog. She authors Everyday Ambiguities - a blog about anything and everything which showcases her literary prowess. She is now reviewing for the 2007 BAR, and I have no doubt that she will make it.
Hmmm. Time flies do fast. Blogging really makes the world smaller.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Caught Sleeping?

Nah! I am not sleeping on the job, I am just pondering on several choices that I have to make this coming days. Let me tell you a little habit of mine: I think better when its dark. So, most of the times, whenever I am confronted with having to choose, I close my eyes first and put my hands over them. Thus, I usually come-up with my decisions in the dark. Eerie? Hope not!!!
But what am I thinking? Well, basically I can not be in two places at the same time right? It just so happens that two forthcoming activities will happen at the same time.
August 28 to 31 - Should I go to the seminar of Barangay officials of Cabiao, Nueva Ecija for which I am the facilitator/lecturer; or August 29- September 1 - Should I instead attend the Seminar of DILG in Bohol for which I will just participate.
September 2 - Should I go to Taft to support my friends who will take the BAR or should I proceed instead to Palayan City to attend the mass and festivities of Nueva Ecija's Founding Anniversary.
And lastly, I have been spending so many sleepless nights over this career decision - SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?
The answers and choices I will make shall be posted soon.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mine's View and Good Shepherd

In my nth trip to Baguio, I decided to drive and visit Mines View Park at 6 in the morning. As usual, it is foggy and raining and visibility is almost nil. At this time in the morning, i have learned that it is useless to go there because you will not be able to see Baguio's famous mines and landscapes. But nevertheless, it is still the perfect time to reflect and feel the breeze that Baguio mornings can offer.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sea Weed Salad Break-Up

Me: Why do you have to order something we both don't eat?

Her: I dunno. Maybe I want to try something new.

Me: Well... Are you gonna eat it?

Her: If I do, will you try it also?

Me: Nah, I don't eat something I don't like.

Her: That's the problem with you, you are too safe.

Me: What? What the heck has food got to do with me being safe?

Her: I want change!!!

Me: Sure!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Same Time Last Year

Worried. Anxious. Stressed. Burdened. Nervous. Dreadful. Panicky. These are just few words describing how I felt, same time last year, with barely a month before the 2006 Bar Exams.
At the beginning of last year, I have set-up a time-table and schedule of all the topics that I have to read in preparation for the Bar. Each topic per Bar Subjects were carefully laid down to the effect that by August, I should have substantially read all the topics and that all I should have at my disposal were mere notes and nmeumonics.
However, attending review school and accumulating lots of review materials certainly changed my review pattern so much that by August, I still feel that I haven't read all the things that I was supposed to read and that what I have learned was still inadequate for me to face the Bar.
But hey, I made it. I passed the Bar. And I am blogging about the experience to share it with my friends who are in the very same situation as I was before.
I still firmly believe that you don't have to know every law of the land to pass the BAR. Although little knowledge is dangerous, what we have learned from four years of studying in law school and another six months of review is no little to me. Everything you need to know, you have already learned. It is now just a matter of applying what you know in a given Bar question.
Further, Bar answers are combinations of presentation, knowledge and logical sense. That is why you have to write legibly and neatly. A professor told me once that thru your handwriting, checkers of your examination papers can tell whether you exude confidence. So what I did in the Bar was even if I have no idea about the answers, I made intelligent guesses (if there is one) and just present my answers in the best presentation possible. (Except sa question sa political law asking who is the president of ICJ kasi blanko sagot ko don.)
At this point, last year, even if there are topics in my schedule that I have not read, I threw my schedule away and just be selective of the things I have at my disposal one month before the exams. The materials I have at this time consisted of Codals of All the Bar Subjects, Jurisprudence on recent cases I obtained from San Beda, Digests of Landmark Cases and U.P. Law Center's Bar Q & A.
So, to Aries, Tintin, Rico, Kaye, Zenia, Mhay and to all of my friends and other candidates who are going to take the Bar: Hang in there, I know you can make it. I will pray that God will give you good health and clarity of mind for this month and in the telling month of September.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Just when you think that everything is all set-up, someone will mess it up. That's exactly what happened this week with my supposed seminar in Lupao. I have arranged everything as I always do (the venue, the kits, the speakers), then two days before the supposed seminar, the Accounting Chief and Staff of Lupao wanted to cancel. Because everything was already arranged, I reasoned to the best of my ability to push through with the seminar but to no avail.
Well, another lesson learned - some people just take their responsibilities lightly. A**holes.