Friday, February 24, 2006

I am really going...

There are 2 things I want to post today. First is my very first time to particiapate in a real court proceedings as a witness and the second is my enrolment yestereday with a review school.
Last friday, I was asked by one of our legal officers to be a witness representing a claim against the city government in its expropriation case. She asked me to come at 8:30 am but the hearing started at around 10 am because the plaintiff's lawyer was late. To make it short, I was presented as a witness for the defense of the City Government.
What I have noticed however is that what I have learned in moot court is not what is actually happening. First, my lawyer keeps asking me leading questions for which the opposing counsel does not object (and they were not preliminary questions). Second, I was expecting to be briefed of the questions to be asked of me by my counsel but there was none. I even don't know what she'll gonna ask me. (God help me in the cross-exam). Thirdly, our case is the third case on the calendar, but the two cases ahead of us were postponed and the next one after us waslso postponed because of various petty reasons. Is there really speedy trial?
The plaintiff asked the court to set the cross examination on the next scheduled hearing, (Mar 24). I just hope that it would not be postponed because ill be taking my review exam come April.

On to the next topic...

Yesterday, I and my batchmates went to separate review schools to enrol. Majority of my batchmates enroled at UP, while Edward and I enroled at Recoletos (SSC). Classes in Recoletos shall start on April 17 while UP is a day after. For the Recoletos Review, the review days are normally from 5-9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays and whole day on weekends. There is no overlapping of topic - that is, a bar subject is finished first before another bar subject is taught.Since I am not familiar with the methods in UP ill ask my classmate first then I'll post it here. I guess there is no turning back now.

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  1. Good Luck lawstude dont forget to pray.