Thursday, March 09, 2006

Graduation Evaluation

I was evaluated yesterday based on the grades I obtained from my law subjects. The evaluation aimed to assess my strengths and weaknesses on the eight bars subjects. The result of the evaluation showed the following: (with 1st as the strongest and 8th as the weakest).
1st - Commercial Law (1.25)
2nd - Taxation (1.43)
3rd - Civil Law (1.74)
4th - Labor Law and Social Legislation (1.81)
5th - Political Law (2.0)
6th - Remedial Law (2.0)
7th - Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises (2.01)
8th - Criminal Law (2.02)
My two highest subjects are Commercial Law and Taxation, maybe because I am a bit familiar with those two since I am a commerce graduate and a CPA practitioneer. Criminal Law and Legal Ethics are my weakest subjects but i was kinda surprised with that cause of all the subjects I find RemedialLaw the hardest. Well, I guess I have to study harder.
Geez, malapit na graduation.


  1. wow! ang taas ng grades mo.

  2. nice grades may honor ka?

  3. lawstude's lawyer friend



    thnx too, i am not expecting to graduate with honors, passing is enough for me. besides this is only an initial evaluation, there are still lots of grades not yet submitted to us by our previous professors.