Monday, May 22, 2006

Remedial Law Coverage

Remedial Law Exam shall be held on the 4th (last) sunday, September 24, 2006.

The examination covers decisions of the Supreme Court, promugalted up to June 30, 2005, and Republic Acts, Presidential Decrees and Executive Orders, promulgated up to December 31, 2004.

The exam covers:

1. The Rules of Court, as amended
(a) 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure
(b) Revised Rules of Crimnal Procedure (effective December 1, 2000)
(c) Rules on Evidence
(d) Rules on Special Proceedings

2. The 1991 Revised Rules on Summary Procedures

3. Local Government Code on Conciliation Procedures (Book III, Title I, Chapter 7)

4. The Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1980 (BP Blg 129), as amended by RA No 7691 and the rules issued thereunder (emphasis on jurisdiction excluding purely administrative provisions)

5. Judiciary Act of 1948
(a) PD No 946 (Reorganizing the CAR)
(b) Military Justice

6. Jurisdiction of Sandiganbayan
(a) RA No. 7975
(b) RA No. 8249


  1. Bravo Baste! I am actually looking (and waiting) for the questions in Commercial and Criminal Law given in the exam today, hoping that it's already posted in the website of the SC and of the lawphil. Unluckily, it's not. Whew, I wonder why they did not release copies this time at the bar site.

    Anyway, congratulations coz it's almost over. But still wishing you good luck for next week.

    i'll be having my turn nextyear. hehehe.

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