Sunday, April 08, 2007

Return to Manaoag

Our Lady of Manaoag is a religious shrine known for its countless miraculous tales and healing powers. It is located in Manaoag, Pangasinan.

Almost the same time last year, before I took my bar review in Manila, I visited and prayed in Our Lady of Manaoag and petition for good health, safety and guidance while I am in Manila.

Today, Easter Sunday, I, together with my mom and sister returned to Our Lady of Manaoag to thank her for the guidance she has given me and in helping me hurdle the gruesome bar examinations.

One could not underestimate the power of prayers. In Manaoag, you can petition Our Lady with all your problems. Mass is offered every hour on Sundays. And if you want to touch the image of Our Lady, you have to fall in line like everyone else.

Today, since there are lots of devotees because it is Easter Sunday, we waited in line for about a couple of hours before we could touch the Miraculous Lady. But the long wait and line is definitely nothing compared to the 24/7 guidance she has given me when I was reviewing for the Bar. So, aside from giving thanks, I also petition Our Lady to lead me to the right path now that I will take my oath as a lawyer.

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  1. Manaoag Church (Catholic Church) is a popular destination for pilgrims. "A religious shrine with countless miraculous tales and healing powers located in Manaoag., Pangasinan, Philippines" (from I expected to see an old church building, but this was surprisingly modern.