Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pampanga's Best Halo-Halo and Palabok

On our way home from Subic, we stopped by this little restaurant in Pampanga to have a snack. One way or the other, you must have heard of Razon's Halo-halo and Pancit Palabok. Mmmm. Yummy right?


We ordered their house special: Halo-Halo and Pancit Palabok and they certainly live to their billing as Pampanga's best.

Their Halo-halo is different because of its fine, fine shaved ice. It has a chunk load of leche flan on top and very minimal fruity ingredients. I think I have tasted macapuno and saging na saba and nothing else. The staff there said that they refrain from adding too much ingredients so that the taste shall not be distorted. Overall, the Halo-halo is not that sweet but definitely yummy.

Their palabok is unlike any other. There are no shrimps, squid, tinapa flakes, pork or tokwa. Only crushed chicharon and sliced eggs are on top. They revealed that the secret is in the sauce. Well, it is good but since I like my palabok with lots of ingredients, then I still prefer Nueva Ecija's Joey's Palabok.

I like their palabok, di nakakasawa, but I definitely like their Halo-halo better.


  1. I wouldn't say that Filipino food is very healthy. Too many people just fry everything in oil.
    In general I would say too much oil and too much fat.

  2. sarap ng halo-halo, kahit na hindi madaming sahog, masarap pa din. pano kaya nila nagagawa na yung ice is so smooth.

  3. i love razon's. masarap yung leche flan nila and yung mga nilalagay nila masarap din. im not a fan of beans and macapuno but i can eat their halo halo anytime!

    i do agree that parang kulang yung ingredients nila. maybe that's their style and it's selling naman.

  4. @ lindsay - do i smell heart attack?

    @ anonymous @ ibid - i agree.

    @ tootsie - 2nd de motion.

  5. I like Razon's halo-halo (coz it doesn't have beans!) and pancit luglog..