Friday, August 10, 2007

Sea Weed Salad Break-Up

Me: Why do you have to order something we both don't eat?

Her: I dunno. Maybe I want to try something new.

Me: Well... Are you gonna eat it?

Her: If I do, will you try it also?

Me: Nah, I don't eat something I don't like.

Her: That's the problem with you, you are too safe.

Me: What? What the heck has food got to do with me being safe?

Her: I want change!!!

Me: Sure!!!


  1. petty. tsk tsk tsk.

  2. its just another sad love note. what happens now?

  3. that folks, is a lawyer's love life. he he

  4. @ aryo - thnx 4 droppin by agen panyero

    @ mamee @ tazu - ok na ulit kami, lagi naman ganyan eh.

  5. i actually like seaweeds but its different from what is there in the pic. i like it in sushi.

  6. ahhh. heartbreaking naman. pikon ka pala. hihihi.