Sunday, December 16, 2007

Davao City - 2 Days Were Not Enough

Two days are really not enough to explore the largest City of the Philippines - Davao City. The City is famous for lots of things. Among them are the Philippine Eagle, Orchids, the Durian and the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo. I gather that you need at least four days to climb and explore Mount Apo so I was just contended to view its outline from almost anywhere in Davao City. I happened to feature the Philippine Eagle and Orchids in my previous posts and I have eaten durian on a roadside. Ok just a spoonfull, Durian is sweet but the smell is really powerful. But hey, Don't mind my opinion on this one because my friend said it does smell like hell but taste like heaven.

Our flight to Davao was delayed for almost three hours so we arrived there at around six in the afternoon. Our scheduled afternoon tour around the City therfore was postponed for the next day. We stayed at Regency Inn located in the City's bustling district.

On our first day, I woke-up early to take a stroll around the city proper. Ten minute walk from our hotel was the City Hall of Davao.

At the park fronting the building, you could see a fountain featuring stone images of Durian surrounded by Waling-Waling. Then at the flagpole, you could see a replica of Mount Apo. These spots are among the most photographed place in the City so there are lots of photographers there who offers to take your picture and it will be ready in just an hour.

Not far from the City Hall is the City Council's Building where the City Councilors hold office. In front of the building, you will see the Commemorative Monument of Peace and Unity. The monument was dedicated to the various inhabitants of Davao like the native Nomads, Muslims and Christians.

After about an hour of strolling in the City, I head back to the hotel to meet with the group and proceed to our destinations. (see previous posts)

We had our dinner at one of the Grill House near the sea then we headed to Queensland Baywalk and Public Park where a giant replica of Michaelangelo’s David, around 40 feet high, is located. The park also contained a pond which has fifty sharks. The park is not yet fully completed but nevertheless, there are already lots of people having their night pic-nics in the place.

We also had a brief stop at Jack's Ridge, a place overlooking the entire Davao City and the best place to view the City at night. Jack's Ridge maybe one of the highest points in Davao City but unbelievably, this place was under the sea millions of years ago. In fact, you will find Taklobo shells displayed in the park.

Located at the top of Shrine Hills in Matina, Davao City this place offers a spectacular view of the city, Davao Gulf and even Samal Island. Very nice place to eat especially at night, with cool breeze and bright twinkling city lights for a view. It has a fine dine resto, a coffee shop and a bar with live bands.

Finally, a travel to a place is not complete without a visit to one of its most famous churches. The San Pedro Cathedral is the oldest Church in the City. It was built in 1847 during the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, led by Don Jose Uyanguren. The right chapel serves as Museum and houses the old altar as well as the statues of some Saints.

It lies at the heart of the City, right infront of the Davao City Hall. Candles, Scapulars and statues of the Virgin Mary and various Saints are available at the stalls fronting the church.

At the right side of the Church is the towering Belfry housing a statue of Mary. And if you want to have a view of the entire City Proper, then you may climb the staired Belfry. The Church and the Belfry are loacted at the corner of San Pedro Street and CM Recto Avenue.

In my two days stay in Davao City, I have explored only a portion of what the City Can offer. And if I can assess it fractionally, I think I have seen only one fourth of the place. Davao is really big. It is the biggest city in terms of land area and you need at least a week if you want to explore everything. But nevertheless, I basically saw what was needed to be seen and have experienced what was needed to be experienced by a first-time tourist in the place. And for those two short days, I have experienced what other tourists say about Davao City. That is - the City is indeed beautiful and interesting.


  1. Durian is an awesome fruit. It's very famous here in Malaysia and we always get to buy them at roadsides during the season!

    Davao is indeed beautiful and interesting; I ought to make it a point to visit there someday.

  2. Wow! I didn't know Davao has become this beautiful. Nice pics!

  3. wow! astig talaga! ingats plagi kuya=)

  4. Nice post on a beautiful city. Keep it up.

  5. Pardon me but the durian on the first pic looks like a fetus. So unappetizing. Lol.

  6. @ kyels - from what i gather, durian is available all year round in davao. however, i prefer mangosteen and marang.

  7. @ panyero aryo - tnx. punta ko samar. pwede ka ba host?

  8. balikan ko yan someday...gusto ko yung phil eagle center. yan ba yung waling2x?

  9. @ my-so-called-quest - ingat din palagi little bro. thnx sa visit.

  10. @ turista - i agree. davao is beautiful. tnx for dropping by.

  11. @ carol - and i ate that very same durian on the pic lol.

  12. @ philippine dragonfly - yup that's the waling-waling. mag-eenjoy ka sa philippine eagle center. i certainly did.