Friday, May 02, 2008

Tam-awan Village

Tam-awan Village is an artists' haven. It is found at the northwestern part of Baguio City. It is one of the less famous place in the City but really worth-seeing if you are tired of visiting the City's tourists traps. Although it is a hectic work-week, a friend invited me to see the place which I really appreciated.

The place features a number of Igorot huts which will allow you to see how the homes of the mountain people really look like. You do get a chance to climb up the wooden ladder and see what is inside each hut. This will give you a chance to feel what it is like to be living in one of these huts. Since these huts were set up on different locations on a hillside, visitors have to climb up the steep pathways to go from one hut to another. For those lowlanders who are not accustomed to Baguio's high elevation, it does get to be quite an exhilarating experience to visit the Tam-Awan village. One will surely find a need to rest at each hut just to catch a breathe before climbing further up.

And since the place is an Artists' Haven, lots of excellent artworks adorn the place. Here are some photos I have taken on the village:

X-Painted photos of social ills and problem hanging by the bamboo bridge.

A touch on the belly of a Fertility Statue is said to do wonders to those who wish to conceive.

In-house artists can do your portrait in just fifteen minutes.

Paintings of Tandayon, Alangui, Cablog, Mang-osan and some young painters are on display on one of the native huts.

Artistic works of Ben Cab are also features in the garden and other places of the Village.

A typical hut features a bed laid down on the wooden panel, a sungka, and a fireplace in the middle of the room.

The place is also known as the Garden In The Sky so pretty flowers abound.

It takes a lot of courage
To come near the children's pain
Perhaps because
It opens us up to our own pain
Which we would rather deny.

In Tam-awan
Beauty was seed
In brokenness darkness
And even in garbage
It really takes an artist
We learned,
To let us see beauty
In everything, and everyone.

The welcome and warmth
Was unconditional and palpable
Which provided a secure place
Like a womb.

Where each one could gestate,
In four days... and believe
In some innate goodness in one's self.

Artist are healers too...
By their spirit and eye for truth
They touch and transform
And awaken spirits.

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  1. saw this place last January. It is indeed worth visiting and i agree that it's an art haven. we roamed around its area and reached it's most hidden part but we did not proceed as we're not sure where it leads.

    for those people going to baguio, this is a place to visit.

  2. I miss this place. I've been here once about 2-3 years ago and I'm impressed with the place. I don't know that nature can be artistic ;)

  3. That seems to be a great place to visit.
    Glad you shared.

  4. wonderful shots, very interesting place. well done

  5. Hey, it's an interesting place ... Fertility Statue? Wow, that's cool.


  6. thats a great place to visit
    have a nice day

  7. Very interesting photos and informations. The hut looked like those tree houses. Very lovely. The artists are very talented, their works are beautiful.

  8. @ the dong - we never made it past the last hut but there was a trail beyond that. i'll explore it more when its not quite slippery.

  9. @ kegler - nature by itself is artistic, human touch just adds the twist.

  10. @ quintarantino - its one of the lesser visited places in baguio but equally impressive too.

  11. @ evlahos - thank u sir.

  12. @ kyels - if u touch its belly, they say your wish just might come true.

  13. @ kmf - thank u and welcome.

  14. @ alicesg - the craftsmanship and artistry of these talented artists are really something.

  15. Such a lovely place. It is art and nature interacting at their best. Quite inspiring. Nice shots Lawstude.

  16. very nice pics and educational info on the Igorot culture :)

  17. Maybe I should touch the fertility statue. Does it work even if I am not married?

  18. Hi Norman! Beautiful pictures here. I knw who I shall consult to avoid tourist traps in the Philippines!
    I'm exploring a new country at Blogtrotter. Hope you enjoy!
    Have a great week!

  19. I have been to baguio twice but I have never been to this side of Baguio. I will definitely check the place when I go back there. Thank you for sharing the place.

  20. @ Uno - its always a good thing to be inspired by nature. thanks for the visit.

  21. @ bw - the igorot tribe is really an amazing and colorful race.

  22. @ vanessa - if you have a boyfriend, maybe it will work for you. lols.

  23. @ gmg - glad to be of help. have a safe trip sir.

  24. @ vinzent - you are welcome, it is an alternative place for those who'se tired of the mainstream baguio.

  25. dami mo ng nalibot ah.... lagi ka yata sa baguio?

  26. sayang di ko yan nakita noong nag-aaral pa ako sa baguio. {BCF}Napanuod ko lang kay Jessica Sohu channel 7. Thanks sa picture

  27. Been there once. It is as if you are in another place and time. Hope they can preserve the place.

  28. @ kris jasper - may work kasi sa baguio eh pero last trip ko na to doon. if ever i go back, pure pleasure na lang.

  29. @ belen - walang anuman po.

  30. @ random ramblings - as long as there are artists to make the place interesting, the place will definitely stay.

  31. i think this is better than most tourist spots in baguio. i've been here only once, but i fell in love with it instantly.

  32. hey! we stayed there during our last trip to baguio! it was indeed an experience staying in an ifugao hut! the prices were really reasonable, and the people were just great!