Saturday, October 04, 2008

World Animal Day

Today we celebrate World Animal Day. This is the time to appreciate our relationship with the animals that share our planet and the ways in which they enrich our lives. This blog is no stranger to animals. You can check out my posts with animal themes in my Kahayupan categories in the side link. One of the more popular animal characters here is Charlie – the smiling monkey. So I will bring him back in this post together with some other animals previously featured in this blog. I will also introduce you to some of my pets at home.

Who would ever forget Charlie?

This is DILBERT - My Hyper-Active Toy Dog

The Philippine National Animal - Carabao

Cute Tarsiers from Bohol

All Pretty Horses from Baguio City

Pot-pot - My Parrot Fish with other Cyclids in My Aquarium

A Slick Hawk from Davao City

Coldman - Ang Lorong Alaskador Pero Pogi

On a more serious note, it is important to speak out to ensure the humane treatment of animals and to advocate for protection of the habitats that are home to wild animals. So, this is a proper time to revisit and be aware of a Philippine Law aimed to protect and promote the welfare of all animals in the Philippines – The R.A. 8485 better known as “The Animal Welfare Act of 1998”.

For better understanding of the said law, your blogger deemed it proper to present this law in a Q&A format. Hope you find this post useful and informative.

What is the Purpose of RA 8485?

The purpose of RA 8485 is to protect and promote the welfare of all animals in the Philippines by supervising and regulating the establishment and operations of all facilities utilized for breeding, maintaining, keeping, treating or training of all animals either as object of trade or as household pets.

What are the requirements before a person or business establishments can be allowed to operate animal facilities and shops?

They need to secure a certificate of registration with the Bureau of Animal Industry. Such certificate shall be issued upon proof that the facilities of such establishment for animals are adequate, clean and sanitary and will not be used for, nor cause pain and/ or suffering to the animals. This is a continuing requirement for which failure to observe these conditions may result to revocation of registration.

In cases where animals are transported, what should be observed?

No cruel confinement or restraint shall be made on animals while being transported. There should be no overcrowding, placing of animals in the trunks or under the hood trunks of the vehicles. There must be adequate, clean and sanitary facilities for the safe conveyance and delivery to their consignee at the place of consignment. Sufficient food and water for such animals while in transit for more than twelve (12) hours or whenever necessary must be provided.

What constitutes unlawful acts that are penalized by this Act?

It shall be unlawful for any person to torture any animal, to neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat any animal or to subject any dog or horse to dogfights or horsefights, kill or cause or procure to be tortured or deprived of adequate care, sustenance or shelter, or maltreat or use the same in research or experiments not expressly authorized by the Committee on Animal Welfare.

Are there any exceptions on this act? On what circumstances may the killing of animals be allowed?

The killing of any animal may be allowed on the following instances:
(1) When it is done as part of the religious rituals of an established religion or sect or a ritual required by tribal or ethnic custom of indigenous cultural communities; however, leaders shall keep records in cooperation with the Committee on Animal Welfare;
(2) When the pet animal id afflicted with an incurable communicable disease as determined and certified by a duly licensed veterinarian;
(3) When the killing is deemed necessary to put an end to the misery suffered by the animal as determined and certified by a duly veterinarian;
(4) When it is done to prevent an imminent danger to the life or limb of a human being; and
(5) When done for the purpose of animal population control;
(6) When the animal is killed after it has been used in authorized research or experiments; and
(7) Any other ground analogous to the foregoing as determined and certified by a licensed veterinarian.

How about farm animals? Are they included in this act?

No. Cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, carabaos, horses, deer and crocodiles are not included in this act. However, the killing of these farm animals shall be done through humane procedures at all times. Humane procedures shall mean the use of the most scientific methods available.

How about wildlife? What is our duty to their natural habitat?

It shall be the duty of every person to protect the natural habitat of the wildlife. The destruction of said habitat shall be considered as a form of cruelty to animals and its preservation is a way of protecting the animals.

What if I violate this law? What will happen to me?

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction by final judgment, be punished by imprisonment of not less than six months nor more than two years or a fine or not less than One thousand pesos nor more that Five thousand pesos or both at the discretion of the Court. If the violation is committed by a juridical person, the officer responsible therefore shall serve the imprisonment when imposed. If the violation is committed by an alien, he or she shall be immediately deported after service of sentence without any further proceedings.

To all the animal-lovers and pet-owners in every corner of the world... HAPPY WORLD ANIMAL DAY TO YOU!!!


  1. the best talaga yang unggoy na yan. hehehe... galing ng hawk.

    attorney talaga ang dating mo dito sa post na to.

  2. Ah, yes I like the photo of the smiling Charlie. :) Beautiful photos of the animals. When I looked at my sister's parrot fishes, they looked like they are smiling too. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Animal activists are now going after animals killed for cultural spectacle much like bull fights and cock fights. I wonder if their activism will ever make any headway against deep cultural biases that had been kept for centuries.

  4. it;s good you also spread news about protecting our animals, some in danger of extinction

  5. Hi Norman! Here I am on my weekly visit! And this week we have the beautiful Borocay and a fabulous post on the World Animal Day. Congrats!!
    Have a great weekend!
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  6. nice new layout. it looks more welcoming too.

  7. Nice change Atty. Nagmistulang beauty pageant yung post mo... lahat boto kay Charlie. Ibang klase kasi yung charisma nya. Playboy ang dating...hehe.

    thanks for the valuable information too.

  8. natatawa talaga ako kay charlie. hehehe.

    nakakatakot naman ng law na yan.

  9. I love animals. Have a number of pets already and thanks for informing us about RA 8485. I remember a month ago that PAWS find a complaint against CEB for their mishandling of passenger animals in their cargo. Owners complained how their pets were stressed out after the ride. I wonder what happened to that case.

  10. @ the dong - nakakatuwa talaga si charlie. lahat ng kakilala ko lagi sya kinukumusta sakin. sikat na talaga unggoy na yan.

    medyo hinaluaan lang ng konti batas para di ako kalawangin lols.

  11. @ alicesg - i have my parrotfish for almost three years now and i love the shape of their lips. thanks.

  12. @ bw - i heard about it and i am not that positive of the results. these traditions have been their for ages and it will be difficult to stop these things most specially if there is no law prohibiting it.

  13. @ vanessa - i'll send him your regards if ever i pass san jose again.

  14. @ tutubi - just doing my share bro. animal-lover here.

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  16. @ eye in the sky - thanks. blue is a warm color and smiling charlie and the human calendar probably added to the welcoming effect.

  17. @ em - hehehe. pero syempre personal fave ko si dilbert at coldman kasi mga alaga ko yun pero taob talaga sila pag nag smile si charlie.

  18. @ redlan - bro, wag ka matakot basta di ka nananakit ng mga hayup eh safe ka.

  19. @ ferdz - same here. i have a dog, cats, fishes and lots of birds.

    i have heard about the case and was expecting it to be a test case for that law but sadly, the case still remained pending in the court's docket.

  20. ang cute ni dilbert. hehe

    very informative post kuya oman. heard it straight from a lawyer. hehe.

  21. hala dumugo ilong ko sa topic ngayun. batas na batas hehehe. pero marami ko natutunan. salamat sa info tol.

  22. cute naman nila!..esp potpot and dilbert :)

    mabuti naman at nabigyan sila ng espesyal na pagkakataong maacknowledge thru this entry. txs for the legal info too :)


  23. alas, dito nga pala sa Emirates, kasingdalang ng patak ng ulan ang makikita mong household na nag-aalaga ng pet...mahigpit kase eh, at mahal :( iyong zoo nila, ang laki, pero ang konti ng laman :)

  24. Wonderful post!
    I'm an animal lover :)

  25. Im hoping to have an iguana again soon... argh!!!!

  26. Fine collection of critters. Who could resist that grinning little monkey?

  27. wow, i didn't that yesterday was animal day. and ang dami mo palang alagang hayop, which reminds me of my dad's hobby--breeding lovebirds. he also has two turtles, a poodle, and a shitzu.

    for first-class animals like us, belated happy animal day! hahaha

  28. Oh my goodness these are beautiful animal shots Glad i came to visit

  29. Paano naman attorney yung kapitbahay ko, pader lang ang pagitan namin sa bandang likod, ang dami nyang aso at kung minsan sumisingaw ang amoy aso sa kusina namin at maingay pa.
    Ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin attorney/?

  30. @ beero - medyo pinapasukan lang ng konting law para di kalawangin.

    cute yang si dilbert napakakulit nga lang hehehe.

  31. @ vinzent - nosebleed ba? sige mas dadalian ko pa next time. salamat sa muling pagdaan.

  32. @ josh of arabia - i like animals, matagal ko na gusto magpost about them at tamang-tama ngayun in celebration of world animal day.

  33. @ mary jo - that is nice. animal lovers unite.

  34. @ kris jasper - i never had an iguana before. ok ba alagaan yun?

  35. @ hilary - thanks. i couldn't resist posting charlie again lols.

  36. @ collapsing barrycade - aye, aye. first class na animal tayo hehe.

  37. @ lilli and nevada - thanks a lot. some smile for me but some just wanna gore me lols.

  38. @ nanaybelen - nay una nyo po gawin kausapin ng mahinahon yung kapitbahay nyo kung pwedeng ayusin nila ang mga aso nila para di makaperwisyo.

    kung wala pa silang aksyon, mag file po kayo ng reklamo sa inyong barangay at magharap kayo kay kapitan.

    kung di pa rin maresolba pwebe po tayo magfile ng civil case (nuissance case/specific performance/damages) laban sa kapitbahay nyo.

    pwede rin po tayo magfile ng complaint sa city/municipal hall nyo at dumulog kayo sa health office kung banta sa kalusugan nyo ang amoy ng mga aso o kaya sa veterinary office para malaman kung ayos ang papel ng mga aso na ito.

    feel free to update me on this matter nay.

  39. so that is Dilbert! he's a cutie. the tarsiers look so adorable! and of course, Charlie, with an infectious grin. the 5 thousand fine is peanuts...hindi ba pwede apply dito ang an-eye-for-an-eye para madala na ang mga taong malulupit sa mga hayop?

  40. thank you attorney.
    Opo.. kakausapin ko muna sila.

  41. LS: Something that is really special with this day for the animals. Thanks for sharing all the facts.

  42. DILBERT looks the same as my dog, MIKO, back home.

    btw bout the new theme, Yes like it, But I Like The Old One Better.

    but, i think, it's okay. :D

    Thanks for the advice, kuya.

  43. A special day to commemorate the joys that animals can bring us especially our domestic pets, di ba?

  44. Beautiful post with beautiful animals...keep working for them after you get that degree in Law...and remember the ugly ones, too...they also need a champion!

  45. i'm new... anticipation to brief approximately more regularly!