Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sagada - Your Choice

Last month, I run a mini-poll in this blog asking you what you think should be my Top Travel for 2009. Sagada garnered the top spot, so I would like to share a video I made of the place.

The result of the poll follows:

1. Sagada - 35 votes
2. Bantayan Island - 30 votes
3. Cagbalete-Pagbilao - 22 votes
4. Pagudpud-Bangui-Burgos - 20 votes
5. Biliran - 15 votes
6. Hong Kong-Macau - 15 votes
7. Imugan-Malico - 14 votes
8. Baguio - 5 votes
9. Puerto Galera - 4 votes
10. Leyte - 3 votes

The result of the poll will greatly affect my choice in the Top 10 Travels of 2009 that I will reveal in my next post.

By the way, the first post made on this blog was on January 2, 2006 about a law topic on "Time to Appeal". Originally intended as a law review blog, this blog has transformed into a photo and travel one. But once in a while, I will still go back to my roots and post interesting post about law because afterall, this journey is all about "Law, Travel and Photography" in Islands Philippines and Beyond...


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  2. Happy anniversary bai, more travels for the new year :D

  3. wow! sagada deserves to be the top choice. it is my most memorable trip this year too. i will definitely go back. :))

    hehe..oo nga. i think my first comment here was in one of your law related reviews. :)

    happy anniv. many more years to come for this blog.

  4. Happy birthday sa iyong blog!! Magkaage lang tayo.. More blogging years to come!!!

  5. ayan nakabalik din at natapos ang portal.

    congratulations sa bumalik na rin ang PR mo na 4! yihaa!

    di pala ako nakasagot sa poll na to. pero ito ang list ko kung naka vote ako.

    1. Imugan
    2. Cagbalete
    3. Sagada

    salamat sa samahan. isang taong byahe na naman. planuhin na ang mga joint trips. hehehe...

  6. your choice our choice. parang commercial lang. happy blogsary! 4 years. ano ba tawag mo sa blog mo? babe?

  7. Wow, Happy Anniversary to you and your blog! It's pretty unusual, finding someone who's interested in Law, Travel, and Photography. I'm excited to hear, learn and see more from you!

    Natawa ako sa comment ni REDLAN. BABE LOL!

  8. may blogsary na rin pala.:p congrats on your 4th year. Bantayan was my no. 1.

    Happy New Year!

  9. happy new year had a great year. ako kasi scaled down travels now due to my being a family least i have tutubi, jr to travel with me someday ;P

  10. happy 4th blog anniversary and cheers to more travels within the country and abroad this year and beyond! have a great twenty ten!

  11. happy 4th blog anniversary and cheers to more travels within the country and abroad this year and beyond! have a great twenty ten!

  12. I voted for Sagada too! That series convinced me to visit Sagada soon. Effective blogging. Thank you atty.Oman! Ü

  13. Happy Anniversary. More blogging years to come.

  14. Ganda naman ng pagkagawa ng vid kahit still pics lang sya!

    Happy New Year and Happy Aniversary, Lawstude. Double celebration pala 'to!

  15. WoW 4 years.. Happy Happy Anniversary!!

  16. Hey. Congatulations. 4 Years. More years to go.

  17. Nice video, enjoyed watching it : )

  18. Blogsarry mo din pala... Happy Blogsarry! wala kupas... gaganda talaga ng kuha! at sana mas marami ka pang gala this year! :D

  19. Hi Norman! Happy New Year!!
    Congrats on your 4th!!

    Meanwhile Blogtrotter has reached 500 posts on all blogs with some views of «La Petite France, Strasbourg», truly missing your comments! Enjoy and have a first great week in 2010!!!

  20. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. i will try my hardest to reply on all your comments and questions this year...

    @ lagalog - thanks bai and more travels to you too.

    @ reena - one of the best trips i had this year. ako din, babalik don to see the big falls and other places i missed. thanks.

    @ gillboard - happy 400th post sayo bro. thanks.

    @ the dong - yihaa. balik pr4 na nga. di na ko dumaan sa 1-4, galing. we really missed you in imugan. pagbalik namin dun dapat sama ka na.

  21. @ redlan - salamat. tawag ko sa blog ko? L.J. lol.

    @ halfcrazy - wow. thank you very much. i am really trying to mix it up and try to relate one on the other. thanks.

    @ luna miranda - happy new year din. i enjoyed bantayan too. ang ganda ng place.

    @ backpacking philippines - ayos yan. joint travel kayo ni tutubi jr in the future. happy new year din.

    @ alexander - hey... long time no hear... happy new year too.

  22. @ docgelo - thank you. may you have a great 2010 too.

    @ chyng - you are very much welcome. i would definitely go back there soon.

    @ vanessa - thank you and happy new year.

    @ blogusvox - salamat bro sa greetings and for appreciating the video. :)

    @ nanaybelen - salamat po.

  23. @ uno - thank you. hopefully, more years of blogging.

    @ foongpc - thank you very much.

    @ lalaine - salamat. sana nga. and hopefully mapuntahan ko na ang mga nasa wish list ko.

    @ gmg - thank you and happy new year too. have a safe trip always.

  24. Hey, Hey, Hey. Happy 4th Anniversary. More travels to come.

  25. wow fourth year anniversary, congratulations. more travels and photos to come.

  26. Happy blog anniversary! The poll is another huge encouragement for me to visit Sagada. When oh when? Haha. Happy 2010!

  27. nice video, nice photos, nice place! visiting your blog is always relaxing. thank you for sharing your journeys. para sa aming mga homebodies. :P

    happy new year, atty. and happy 4th anniBLOGsary to your web log. ;)

  28. Whoa, I didn't know this started out as a law review blog. I'm glad you focused more on traveling and photography, though. Hehe. :)

  29. @ vinzent - thanks a lot.

    @ photo cache - i didn't believe it myself but thanks for visiting and commenting 'coz these fuel me to blog more.

    @ witsandnuts - hopefully soon lol

    @ aajao - happy new year too and thank you. cheers for 2010.

    @ andy - visitors and friends started pouring in when i post travels and photos so i would definitely continue with it with some law posts on the side. thanks.

  30. congrats to a productive 4 years of blogging ! Keep it up :)