Sunday, May 16, 2010

Of Birds and Butterflies

Spread your wings and fly
toward my shattered dreams
come and see my blood red sky
come and share my fears

Sinful body, sinful smile
just what's underneath?
My own soul - so black and vile
open wounds and endless grief

Spread your wings and come to me
follow through the night
don't be afraid and talk to me
make my darkness bright

Take off my chains and set me free
guide me through the light
hold my hand and make me see
what's on the other side

I'll leave this world and come with you
to your land of dreams
disappear like morning dew
no more pain and no more screams

Note: All shots taken at the Butterfly Sanctuary in Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa Island. Poem by Kaizoku.


  1. Oh they are so beautiful. I took some photos of birds on Sentosa too and I think I forgot to post Maybe I will post them later cause am going away soon to HCM City.

  2. Beautiful shots! I want to go Sentosa Island again! : )

  3. you saw more birds than i did. it rained when we were there and so we decided to seek cover inside the butterfly habitat.

  4. This is beatiful and amazing.
    I Love parrots.
    Have a great week.

  5. Wow, what stunning colors this parrot has in its feathers! Gorgeous!

  6. suddenly i miss agfa color film.

  7. walang sinabi yung parrot ko...

  8. I hope humans can also wear colrs like those---anu kaya kulay ko? magiging makulay kaya ako like those birds? hehe

  9. very beautiful shots. naway matutunan ko din yan.. soon!

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  11. wow! really beautiful birds bro but what i like the most is your shot of the butterfly in the 4th photo. ganda!

  12. Nice collection of birds and butterflies. Ganda ng mga kulay nung birds. Is that a song? :D

  13. Very colorful birds but I do like the butterflies better. I love it.

  14. Makulay ang buhay ng mga parrots hahaha. Ang gaganda bro ng mga pics.

  15. Nature's beauty is such a bliss!