Sunday, June 20, 2010

Naga's Metropolitan Cathedral

To end this triumvirate posts on Naga's Penafrancia Churches, let me feature one of Bicol's oldest and most impressive stone church - the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Considered as the mother of all cathedrals in Bicol, the Metropolitan Cathedral is officially known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist
Archdiocese of Nueva Caceres. It was established in 1825 and took 15 years to build. During the Peñafrancia Fiesta, the image of the Lady of Peñafrancia is placed here for nine days where the novena is held in her honor.

Unlike most old churches where belfry is separately built, this Church has two belfries attached to the main church. Here are some photos of the church:

Metropolitan Naga Church

Guardian Angel Holding Shell of Holy Water

The Cross and the Stained Glass Shed

Shed's Stained Glass Ceiling

Candle Offerer

Classical Trompe L' Oeil Ceiling

Red Bricked Walls of Holy Rosary Minor Seminary

Family Praying Together


  1. Ang ganda ng stained glass lalo na yung church. Thanks for sharing, pupunta din kami dyan.

  2. wow very fancy naman inside i wouldn't have thought so from the facade.

    i like the second image, the perspective is superb.

  3. i always like to visit cathedral...just for its awesome architecture :) hihihi but after a while... kinda bored with them all here in europe...hahaha

  4. ayos at nagmatch yung wall at ng jeepney. nagka uwa kaagad ah! or naayos?

  5. The architectural building of the church is so lovely. Love the photo of the angel.

  6. I had to google the meaning of triumvirate. Hahaha. On a serious note, I like this cathedral that I want to re-visit it. There's something about it that can make one person sentimental.

  7. ganda ng pics kuya oman lalo na yung kuha mo stained glass da best.

  8. I love the cross and the stained glass shot. astig. :)

  9. Natuwa naman ako sa coming soon pic mo hehe. Ganda ng simbahan na to.

  10. when I saw the 1st picture---I thought this is yet another beautiful church taken for granted...but the interior proves otherwise.....and even the surrounding grounds are well maintained.impressive.

  11. I like the ceiling. Very contemporary yet different.

  12. Whoa, that church is big. It looks daunting from the outside.