Saturday, July 03, 2010

Cam Sur Wake Boarding and More

Camarines Sur prides itself for having the country's best water sports park designed for cabled Wake Boarding. Located within the Provincial Capitol Complex in Pili, CWC (as it is fondly abbreviated and called)is the first of its kind in the Philippines featuring top class cable ski system developed and operated by the local government.

Everything you need to try this sport is available in the complex, from the wake boards to the vests to the helmets. You just need to book your flight or ride on an 8-hour bus from Manila and go. You may even opt to stay at the several huts and cabanas also located in the complex.

And if this sport is too extreme for you, you may just chill out at the pool or just enjoy the view of this man-made lake with the natural backdrop of mountains and palms. You may even try their Bicolano Pizza with laing or a variety of their refreshing fruit shakes. With so many things to do (or not to do) and see, no wonder why this place is now the premier tourist spot of Camarines Sur for other than the islands and the beaches of this awesome province, this place definitely will be on top of everyone's lists.

Cam Sur CWC Wake Boarding

Sign of the Cross and Off He Go

Huts of Nature

Triple W (dot) CamSur (dot) com

Pool of Eternity


Wake Board Boots

Bicolano Pizza


  1. the place looks like a lot of fun. :) parang ang konti lng ng tao though. nasan ung tourists?

    the pizza looks yummy! was is spicey?

    tc oman!

  2. i like the pool of eternity.

  3. ahhh. i miss cwc already! been there last year! may mga bagong amenities na ba kuya?

    great pics as always!

    grabe sa pool na yan! swimming in mid-january isa a very bad idea. lol

  4. vacation feeling talaga. i like the huts image with the wonderful cloudscape above it.

  5. The Bicolano pizza looks interesting. Hmm, yum.

  6. nadala nako sa pag boarding...nakinom kasi ako ng tubig alat.. he he he. pero i always try, kaya lang semplang parin. he he he.

    pagtapos nyan, masarap talagang kumain...teka. nilalagyan pa ba ng hot sauce yung bicolano pizza?. :)

  7. i love those huts of nature.

    the bicolano pizza looks truly interesting. oo nga, nilalagyan din ng hot sauce o may siling kasama?

  8. definitely one of the best place to visit in naga. ive been longing to go there again. maybe in august during the ironman challenge.

  9. I love the pool and could spend eternity there like the name.

  10. I would love to do wake boarding. I have tried skim boarding in Bora and I am sure I will enjoy this too. And the pizza also. Lols.

  11. @ reena - medyo tanghaling tapat kasi nun kaya nakatago ang mga tao sa tent lols. medyo maanghang yungb pizza pero tolerable naman. :)

    @ gillboard - imbento ko lang yung eternity hehehe.

    @ my-so-called-Quest - i guess same pa rin. malamig talaga january kasi nasa paanan halos yun ng bundok lols.

    @ photo cache - medyo kumilimlim nga eh, buti di tumuloy ang ulan.

    @ andy b - yup. kakaiba because of laing and sili.

  12. @ everlito - pards, eto man-made ilog kaya di maalat :) yung kasam ko nilagyan pa ng hot sauce eh. ok naman daw, ubos lang agad beer nya lols.

    @ bing - imbento din uli na caption lols. pwedeng lagyan lalo na kung mataas tolerance level sa maanghang.

    @ witsandnuts - masarap nga. kakaiba.

    @ dong ho - sali ka bro sa ironman? cge cge.

    @ vanessa - hehe sarap talaga magbabad dun lalo na pag mainit.

  13. awesome photos as usual.

  14. LS: Looks like a fun place to go to have some fun.

  15. Wonderful adventure! Would love to try this one day. Love that huts of nature shot! Galing! And yes, the pizza looks YUMMY!

  16. Wake boarding is kind of interesting. It looks like an easy game huh. Beautiful beach photo here.

  17. Lawstude, thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, it's the same Conservatorium of Music facade in every shot. It's the light projections that change. They do some amazing work with lights.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  18. Isa yan sa mga recent wish list ko! Di na kasi ako napapadpad sa Luzon... huhuhuhuhu... pero in time! hehhehehehhe

  19. We have this too in East Coast Park. The place in your photo looked like a nice place for sea sports. Am sure my son would love it. He is taking lessons of wakeboarding.

  20. My kids like it a lot.
    Have a great week.

  21. Lawstude, did you try the wakeboards? I attempted twice and failed every time. Maybe because I could not 'balance' properly my body on the board. But I'd like to try it again sometime.

  22. wow..gusto ko pumunta diyan after board exam..namiss ko na gumala kaya gusto ko big time gala ko like this enjoy ah! ganda talaga ng cam sur!!!

  23. Nice place. And nice photos! : )

  24. @ uno - thanks.

    @ fishing guy - a fun place indeed fg and a tourist-drawer in bicol.

    @ jenn - i bet you will enjoy this place for wake boarding, scenes and food.

    @ dharma shots - its easy but its tricky :)

  25. @ jbar - thanks for the info. amazing shots really.

    @ i am xprosaic - yup, in time bro.

    @ alicesg - nice. awesome thing is that the lake where they wake board is man-made. awesome isnt it?

    @ regina - you too. thanks.

  26. @ baktin - my intention was to try it but unfortunately i still have an injured right wrist and forcing it may aggravate the injury. but i do promise to do it next time.

    @ sendo - hey hey, good luck sa board exam and after theat exam gala na dito.

    @ foongpc - thanks, really awesome place.

  27. CWC! CamSur! Come sure! Wake boarding!

    Might go back there to do some fun sports!

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