Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Trippin' in Tiwi

When I was younger, I associate the place Tiwi with Hot Springs. Maybe because of the lectures I had during my elementary days where one associates a tourist attraction with a place. So, when I got the chance to go to Bicol, particularly in Albay, in my mind, other than the Mayon Volcano, I really wanted to see Tiwi Hot Springs.

Little did I know that Tiwi Hot Springs is no longer the place with large boulders and free flowing clear, hot water that I expected it to be. In its place is the mammoth Geothermal Electric Power Plant, which harnesses steam to generate electricity. Now I know :).

Nonetheless, Tiwi is still a good couple-of-hour stop when touring Bicol. The place still boast of a century old Nuestra Senora de Salvacion also known as Saint Lawrence Church. This church is considered as a well established tourism draw of Tiwi that allow pilgrims to have a few minutes of quiet contemplation as they visit Tiwi.

Not to be missed when visiting the area is their famed Halo-halo which is said to be the best in Albay. Also to be considered are their clay products which they claim to rival those potteries in Vigan. Here are some shots I have taken of the place.

Tiwi's famed Clay Products

Facade of Nuestra Senora de Salvacion

Neat Interiors

Lady Church Goers

Saint Lawrence Church

Halo-Halo with Cheese

Tiwi Municipal Hall

How to go there? Tiwi easily be reached with Legazpi City as starting point. By air, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have daily flights from Manila to Legazpi with travel time of almost an hour. From the Legazpi airport, take a tricycle ride to the Bus/Filcab terminal bound to Tabaco, from Tabaco alight a jeepney ride bound to Tiwi

By land, air-conditioned tourist buses ply the Manila-Tabaco route daily with an average travel time of 10 hours, passing through scenic roads. Terminals are located at the Araneta Center, Cubao, Pedro Gil St., Manila and EDSA, Pasay City.

More of the Churches of Bicol on my next posts.


  1. saya talaga bumisita sa mga ganitong lugar. kaya ito ang magagandang puntahan.

    halo halo with ice cream! sounds good.

  2. huwaw! tiwi!

    dyan din ang kamag-anakan nila nanay!..:)

  3. Halu halo with cheese? Sounds ok, i'm craving for Razon's!

  4. not fmailiar with the place. pero tht halo halo with cheese looks weird, matry nga samin.. (gaya-gaya) haha

  5. ang haba naman ng loob ng simbahan. ang layo na nung altar. hahaha

  6. nice coverage. i think you're the first pinoy blogger to feature tiwi.

    my sil used to work for phil geothermal and she flies to bicol for the day for inspection and something. i thought her job was too cool.

  7. Very lovely photos of the church. Nice name for the ice cream.

  8. Heard of the place Tiwi, but didn't know it was in Bicol. Great facade of the church, but the internal looks modern [dissapointing...].

  9. The first phot looks nice amidst the weather.

  10. Sarap ng halo-halo, kakaiba ah.

  11. Never heard of the place before. You really have aknack on featuring not so known places. Keep it up.

  12. Their halo halo is better than Razon's!

  13. nag karon ako ng sudden craving dyan sa halo halo with cheese
    ( dang parang walang cheese version dito ah ). I'm going to Jesse Jr. Pinoy resto bukas hehe :)

  14. hi,,im a resident of TIWI, i would like to correct that the St. Lawrence Parish and Nuestra Senora de Salvacion are two different chucrhes here in TIWI. Nuestra Senora de Salvacion is located at Joroan tiwi albay, a good 20minutes ride from tiwi town proper. during august, there is a maritime procession for Nuestra senora de salvacion. Joroan is a good place to visit too here in tiwi. if you happened to come again, you should go there...thanks for featuring our humble town in your blog, it's the first time i saw/read a blog post about our place..thanks alot...more power...