Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Satti de Zamboanga

It isn't intentional but have you noticed that four of my last six posts were about food. No wonder I have gained a few pounds lately. And let me add another food post to start my stories about my recent trip to Zamboanga.

Satti de Zamboanga is a regional delicacy of grilled chicken and cubed rice dipped in overflowing Satti sauce. It is a Halal-certified food and somewhat resemble the taste of a combined chili and curry dish. There are many variations on how our Muslim Brothers prepare this meal and some are closely guarded secrets that pass on from generations to generation.

Here is how to make a Satti de Zamboanga. Remember thou that there are no exact measurement so just use your best estimate:

For the Chicken, marinate it with calamansi then add some coloring, (preferably orange),salt and sugar. Slowly roast the meat and occasionally brush with coconut milk. Beef can also be made in lieu of the chicken.

For the Satti sauce, follow these steps:

1. Blend siling labuyo, ginger, dulao, onions and oregano by cutting them into small pieces.

2. Boil water in a pot.

3. In another pan, sautee bagoong, tomatoes and all the ingredients in the first step.

4. Mix 1/2 kilo flour and 1/4 kilo corn starch together with 1/2 kilo sugar and 1 tbsp salt. Add coloring as desired.

5. Boil tumol and blend.

6. Drain the ingredients of the 3rd step while pouring it to the boiling water.
Then pour the 4th step and 5th step to the boiling water. Prepare one glass of coconut milk and pour it to the boiling water.

For the rice called "Puso'", put grains of rice in a weaved coconut leaves and let it boil until the rice is cooked. Once cooked and cooled, slice the rice into bite-size pieces.

To serve, put the rice and the chicken in a bowl and pour a generous amount of Satti sauce in it. each serving costs around Fifty Pesos only.



  1. I'm drooling. I have to taste this when I go to Zamboanga by September, hehe! :D

  2. yummmmmmmm

    oo nga puro food ang postings mo ah.

  3. Nakakagutom! And just keep the food posts coming. :)

  4. Wow. Nag Basilan ka pala. Excited na ko sa post mo.

  5. sarap nga niyan. food blog na nga. abangan nila flower shots.

  6. good looking stuff.. love that sauce recipe ... labuyo is a must for me hehe..

  7. Tagal ko nawala, sensya na. Food blog? I am not complaining. I think I have tried this pero sa Greenhills lang. Ikaw ba sa Zamboanga talaga yan?

  8. Looks yummy nga. Masarap naman talaga Muslim foods and Indian Foods too. Shawarma yum.

  9. I am from zamboanga..there are other delectable foods here to taste.. inform me if you'll be coming over the next time. i'll give you a tour. :)

  10. That is one good-looking food.

  11. Ako din mukha na rin food blog yung blog ko. I've been quite busy too and all we have been doing was eat! Love your shots though.

  12. mag-food blogger ka nlng kaya! ;p haha kakagutom naman mga post mu Oman.
    abangan ko yang flower shot na sinasabe ni Dom. :)

  13. i dont think thats the muslim recipe. iba kasi yung kay jhimmy satti sauce nakaka adik. im looking for a recipe of jimmy satti here in zamboanga, can anyone share it to me im will to py for the exact recipe for that. heres my number 09277092829