Monday, September 19, 2011

7 Links Project

Ian of Going Places tagged/nominated me for the 7 links project about a month ago. I know, this is long overdue but as the famous adage goes, it's better late than never. So here's my list.

My Most Beautiful Post

Beauty is relative and this is probably one of the hardest choices among the categories here but I just can't get enough of Calaguas Island so I considered my Mahabang Buhangin @ Calaguas Island as my most beautiful post. Tell me what a good beach should be and this beach will definitely exceed your expectation.

My Most Helpful Post

In my post All "Thai"d Up, I got to combine my passion for travel and photography with my law profession. Some also commented that this post fits my blog to a "T" because of the law element of travel.

My Most Popular Post

This is an easy one because of the widget in my side bar. Walking Around Carabao Island beat the likes of my compilation posts like WOW Philippines and The Gift. Maybe because this place is still considered to be an off-the-beaten path and that comparing it to Boracay era 80's added curiosity about the place.

My Most Controversial Post

I have several posts that solicited adverse comments from readers. I respect them because opinions are personal - but so is experience. I considered this particular post on Malamawi Island's White Beach to be the most controversial because I get queries both on and offline whether it's really safe in there. I say answers depend on your perspective. Just be cautious. You may wanna check the comments on this post for some constructive advise.

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me
Name at least 20 places you would like to travel and for sure Cabanatuan would not be in that list. :) So its truly surprising when , my post on Cabanatuan City - How About My Place? solicited hundreds of comments and page views. I am proud of my City despite its lack of tourism potential but hey, what we lack in spectacular landscapes, we more than make it up with delectable food. Longaniza anyone?

A Post I Feel Did Not Get The Attention It Deserves
A lot can be learned from the misfortunes of others. That was what I would like to share in The Baler Capsized Boat Experience - a two-post series of my harrowing experience in Baler's rough sea.

The Post That I Am Most Proud Of
A test of endurance and determination with an unexpected reward... best sums up my post on Batad Tappia Waterfall Hike. So with that, I consider it the post that I am most proud of.

The mechanics of this meme states that I have to tag/nominate 5 bloggers to do the same, so I am tagging/nominating my five travel-barkada for this 7 links project:

Ferdz of Ironwulf
Oggie of Lagalog
Allan of Lantaw
Erick of Roadworthyman
Dong Ho of Eskapo


  1. these are all beautiful posts. our Baler experience was scary and i admit, i thought about it every time i'm in a boat (my camera in a zip-lock LOL). i thoroughly enjoyed your Calaguas photos--it's in my bucket list for next year.

  2. I agree, your Calaguas post is the most beautiful. Those nice pictures still lingers in my mind and made me do sneak to the post again. I hope to visit it as well someday. I enjoy reading the rest of your post and hope you had fun relieving your blog's blast from the past posts.

  3. my URL is

    haha! :)

  4. @ Master Erick - it's corrected :-p

  5. i tell all my friends how you survived that Baler experience. goodbye lente and camera, but at least everyone survived!

  6. ayos ang all thai'd up! hahaha... tsaka siyempre ang di malimutang experience sa baler.

    buti na lang nagawa ko na tong 7 links. assignment: done.

  7. Your photos revealed that your adventures are fantastic and thrilling.

  8. I know you are proudest of the last photos. Nabasa ko kaya yun sa RD. Keep it up.

  9. haha, at natapos ko talagang basahin lahat ng entries mo dito! great posts oman!

  10. The first photo is truly beautiful and you have chosen it right to be your most beautiful post.

  11. Honourable bye, sentimental alternative other :)