Monday, January 23, 2012

Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái

Singapore's Buddha Tooth-Relic Temple
The Chinese Lunar Calendar is more that two thousand five hundred years older than our Roman Calendar. It never begins on January 1st, nor does it begin on the same date each year. It can begin any time between January 21st and February 18th, depending on the date of the New Moon in Aquarius. Each year is named for an animal and every twelve years this cycle begins again. The Chinese say that the animal ruling the year you were born will influence your life. In 2012, Chinese New Year begins January 23rd and will be the year of the Dragon. As the Dragon is the only mythical animal amongst the twelve, many believe that this will be a grand and magnificent year for everyone.

Here are some photos from my travels with Chinese influences on it. I have included some well-known Chinese Proverbs to go with them. Again, Happy New Year to everyone.

Baguio City's Bell Church
"Walking ten thousand miles of the world is better than reading ten thousand scrolls."


Thailand's Ayutthaya Temple
A candle illuminates others and exterminates itself.


Cebu City's Taoist Temple
New things are good; old friends are intimate.


Binondo Chinese Temple
Adversity produces human ability, not necessarily wealth.


Macau's Prayer Shrine
Reading enriches a man; conversation makes a man shrewd.


Sources: Apples For The Teacher and China Highlights.


  1. Such an interesting post and a wonderful capture, Oman! I do hope they are correct about the coming year! Have a great week!


  2. I was so pleased when I saw the title of your post and immediately knew what it meant. We only visited China for a short time, but I spent many years of my life working in Vancouver, BC, where there are many Chinese people.
    Wishing you well in the Year of the Dragon!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. happy chinese new year, oman!
    paki bati naman ang malibay
    bday din nya

  4. i like the last quote best, and the Thai temple.

    Wishing you a great Year of the Dragon!

  5. i like the last quote best, and the Thai temple.

    Wishing you a great Year of the Dragon!

  6. it's indeed fun visiting chinese temples. quite unique for us even though we have that little binondo in the country.

    happy new year to the chinese community.

  7. I usually don't celebrate Chinese New Year and don't believe much in animal zodiacs but I do hope for a great year ahead.

  8. It's always fun going to these Chinese temples because of all the details and characters that can be seen sa design ng place. And also, I love how they incorporate the statues and temples with natural elements.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  9. very colorful pictures..particularly the Spore pic.

    Yesterday we had a dim sum lunch at a restaurant close to our office to celebrate chinese new year. It's our annual ritual at the office :)

  10. incredible shots. i really like the asian architectural details.

  11. Kung Hei Fat Choi sir. I love the first photo.

  12. "3-2=one heart praying for u, 1+1=two eyes looking for u, 3+2=five senses missing u, 4+3=seven days in a week I desire u, 7+5=1 2months asking GOD to bless u "

  13. We are used to Kung hei Fat Choi but I guess these are all the same 'coz I know Chinese have so many language. Anyways, I love these pics and have a happy New Year.

  14. The Ayutthaya pic is my favorite in this set.

  15. Hi Oman! Sorry for the delay; Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi

    Blogtrotter Two is leaving Corsica, finally... ;). Enjoy and have a great year ahead!!!

  16. Better late than never... Kung Hei Fat Choi.

  17. I have seen your Singapore post and there are truly other places there right now that is worthy of posts. Come Back :)