Friday, February 03, 2012

Pasacao Day Trip

Life is a Beach
Having finished all the tasks I need to do the previous day, I was thinking of something to do (or better yet, somewhere to go) in Naga City. I only have a day to spend so Caramaon is definitely out of the question. I thought of coming back to CWC but I have been to the place twice already and I do no think there is something new to see there.

A quick tour around the City revealed new structures but the itch to see a beach is so persistent that my ultimate goal for the day was to see a beach and feel the sand and water on my feet. So, I asked around... "Where is the nearest beach here?", and almost everyone said Pasacao.

On the outsider's point of view, Pasacao would not ring a bell. One usually goes to Naga to attend the Penafrancia Festival and visit the churches or as a side trip in Caramoan and Camsur Watersports Complex tours, but rarely to visit Pasacao.

But did you know that Pasacao used to be the Summer Capital of Camarines Norte? This title plus its proximity to Naga made Pasacao one of Naguenos favorite place to hang-out and de-stress. Here as some shots:

Pasacao Pier

Oil Tank near the Bay

Huts at Surfer's Inn Resort

Boat Docked on Pasacao Beach

Boats by the Pier

Long Stretch of Cream Sand

My BMW (The Ride of Choice)

The Other End of the Beach


Fresh meet Salty

Pasacao Beach


  1. nice photos...I hope I could visit this place.

  2. A lovely beach resort with beautiful blue sky and crystal clear water.

  3. great shots. wise decision to go to the beach instead of the malls :)

  4. wow
    really nice
    it's almost summer
    at time for the beach na uli

  5. Yayayay! I can feel the summer heat already.It`s a nice place. The resort looks clean and well-maintained.

  6. that beach looks so inviting! will probably go there if I find myself somewhere near Naga again..

  7. oo nga. cream colored beach nga sya. nice! kawawa naman si pedicab driver. siguro naman tinulungan mo siya diba? haha

  8. Sa blog mo lang narinig ko ang Pasacao. Must be a great place to spend the day.

  9. Looks like a nice quiet beach. Love your BMW Haha!

  10. Didn't ring a bell either :) If it used to be the summer capital, which is the current one?

  11. What I like about Bicol is that it has everything mother nature can offer. Volcanoes, islands, beaches, mountains, you name it they have it. A wanderer's paradise indeed.

  12. I will be going to Naga and I will definitely go there.. thanks for sharing..

  13. very pretty pics. The first one looks really go - is definitely post card quality :)

  14. This is the beach where we used to go every time we come home to Naga City. Definitely brought back memories of my childhood.

  15. We used to go to this beach every time we come home to Naga City. Definitely brought back memories of my childhood upon seeing these nice pictures.