Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cebu: Heritage Town of Boljoon

Cebu's Premier Heritage Town
I always wanted to go to Boljoon. I have heard so much about the place specially on how the locals there do a concerted effort to preserve the place. Even before Oslob became famous for those gentle whalesharks, Boljoon has always been at the back of my mind whenever I travel Cebu. And why not, it is the home of the oldest remaining original stone church in Cebu.
Boljoon Church
Preserved Old House
Trumpheting Arch Angels
Boljoon Church is a sight to behold because it is situated between the mountains and the sea. In its vicinity are old houses, the quaint Bermejo Park and other preserved structures. Wikipedia could not describe it more accurately by stating that Boljoon Church shows old and intricate carvings and bass relief. It is in a pseudo-baroque rococo style. The interior is decorated beautifully. It has a main nave, a transcript, and twenty-eight pillars which support the walls. The walls are as thick as the pillars which are two meters thick and made of mortar and lime.
Skulled Walls
Back Cemetery
Church Interior
At the back of the church is a cemetery where the remains of the prominent who's who in town are buried. Fronting the cemetery is a century old arch and thick walls with design of skulls and bones. There are only few remains left there and it is presently undergoing renovations.
Ceiling Art
Century-Aged Arch to Cemetery
In 1999, the National Historical Institute declared it a National Historical Landmark. The National Museum declared it as a National Cultural Treasure in 2000.


  1. It is admirable really how they took care of their place so that the old structures and new ones co-exist. Hooray to Cebuanos.

  2. Napaka-interesting talaga ng Boljoon! Dadaan din sana kami dito nung pumunta kami ng Oslob para lang dun sa Old Church at sa Museum kaso gahol na kami sa oras. Sayang talaga di namin napuntahan to!

  3. i like visiting old towns with old houses. in the old days the cemetery is always in the church compound.

  4. I have not discovered much of Cebu yet, I still have to!

  5. Cebu is also known to have those beautiful old churches and this one is one of them. Not gone here yet but would love to.

  6. The first pick looks mysterious.

  7. Ooh I must visit this place when I go to Oslob next year.

  8. What a beautiful location for a church. Love the old house too. Cebu has indeed many places still undiscovered.