Sunday, December 16, 2012

Makati: Ayala Enchanting Lights and Sound Show 2012

Curtain of Lights
This time of the year, the Ayala Triangle Gardens turns into an enchanting place surrounded by thousands of lights and colorful spheres that gives an impression that they are floating in the air.
With a medley of popular Christmas carols filling the air, the trees of the park came to life with all these lights that seem to dance in unison with the Christmas carols.

All the colors of the rainbow are present in the show. And other the the Christmas lights, everyone enjoyed the laser show with a 3D effect. This truly is a different scene from the usual sky scrapers in Makati's business district and something we should be proud of because the design and concept were all Filipino-made.

This is the fourth staging of the annual event and the theme this year is a combination of the past three light shows with more colors to boost. The people behind the event wanted to share the Christmas spirit with people and they want those who live, work and come to Makati to be able to enjoy the show.
Thousand Lights in Unison
Many Merry
Lights and Spheres
Fiery Glow
Red There Be Light
Blues Clues
Lights and Sound Show
Specting the Spectacles
The Lights and Soundshow happens everyday and every 30 minutes from 6 PM to 9 PM. It will run until December 30, 2012. And best of all - it's free.


  1. What a fantastic capture and the decorations in the garden are gorgeous!! Wishing you and your family a most wonderful and Merry Chrsitmas, Oman!!

  2. wow. very nice pictures. and i like the captions that go with it. gotta go there before 30th of december. thanks for the info.

  3. paskong pasko na. merry christmas.

  4. very christmassy. i am hoping they have to utilize solar power for all those lights.

  5. I have seen so many posts about this on other blogs and everyone have their own best angles. Thanks for sharing Manila to us probinsyanos.

  6. Na-enjoy ko yung lights show last year. Hindi pa ako nakakabalik this year. Merry Xmas OMAN :D

  7. Merry Christmas Attorney to you and your family.

  8. Beautiful! This is the reason why I miss working in Makati! :)

  9. Ang ganda! Ganito dapat ang mga Xmas decoration. Not intrusive at malamig sa mata.

    Happy Holidays, Lawstude!

  10. I hope Cebu's Ayala Terraces would light up their trees as grand as this! ganda! merry christmas Oman! :)

  11. I wanna see this show... Your pictures are nicely shot! Captured the spirit of Christmas Lights which is send merriment to each eyes and heart. 'Hope to really see this live.

  12. wonderful pics indeed.