Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coron: Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is named after a big, territorial fish that used to inhabit the place. It is one of the two famous lakes of Coron Island that is often visited by tourist. It is a freshwater lake but its proximity to the sea makes it brackish and a bit salty.

Unlike Kayangan Lake where there is a strip of beach where boats can dock, Barracuda Lake is bounded by rocky cliffs. Wooden paths were built at the rocky cliffs to serve as the docking board of the boats. Then, a little hike along wooden stairs built on a tricky limestone path will lead you to the lake. 

The lake is very quiet and clear with stunning limestone formations that enclose the lake. It is smaller than Kayangan Lake but it is definitely deeper. I swam across the lake with my life vest and snorkel and I can't seem to see the bottom of the lake. Also, you need to be careful when climbing out of the lake because sharp rocks around the lake may cut your feet and legs.

Although it is named after a Barracuda, I have not seen a single one in the lake. However, there are sea snakes coming from the bottom part of the lake that will suddenly surface above water. I was floating in the lake when our guide shouted for us to come-out of the water because of the presence of a sea snake in the lake but luckily, no one got bitten by it.

Anyways, here are some photos I have taken at the place with a short celfone video to boot:  

Cliffs and Clear Water
Crystal Clear Waters

Snorklers and Serene Scene

Abundant Natural Beauty

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  1. Beautiful place, Oman, and a wonderful capture for the day! I do love the intense green color! Terrific! Hope your week is going well!

  2. that is eden like. what a beautiful spot. i hope it remains this lovely for generations to come.

  3. Sir Oman, this place is very beautiful! The pictures makes me want to go there too. Are there fishes in this Barracuda lake?

  4. What lurks in the deep? Suspenseful.

  5. Wow that is really interesting thanks for sharing your adventure!