Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Guimaras : Guisi Beach

Bright and Sunny Day

After spending few hours at the town of Jordan and buying some lunch for me and my guide, we headed southwest to the town of Nueva Valencia to visit Guisi Beach. This beach is popular for two things (1) it's magnificent seascape of golden yellow sand, emerald green waters and rock formations and (2) it's lovely sunset. So this place should be included in every Guimaras itinerary. 

The Way is on the Right

Pitched Wood

Guisi Beach is more than an hour tricycle ride from Jordan. The first part of the ride is on a smooth cemented highway while the second part will be somewhat rough and bumpy as the highway turns to street that turns to outskirts. The entire ride however could not be considered uneventful as you get to see plantations of mango trees that look like field of broccoli from afar. And as you reach the upper portion of the highway, you will have awesome views of the sea and glistening white beaches from below.

Hot Hut

Hut Relief

It was just a little couple of hours after noon when we arrived at Guisi. After parking the tricycle at the side of the unpaved street, we hiked down to the beach. There was a man-made stair of about fifty steps that will lead to a huge stone platform. From then, you have the option to go down on the beach and wade thru stones until you reach the beach. You will definitely get wet with this one and during high tide, the water could go as high as your chest. The second option is to walk, climb and crawl on the hill and rock formations. This one is more dangerous as there are times that you need to balance yourself to avoid falling on the waters below. This one will keep you dry... unless of course you fall.

Wuzzup Dock

Serene Guisi Beach

Guisi beach sits in a natural enclave, which is protected from harsh sea currents and strong winds. The sun is scorching hot that time so the best thing to do is just relax and take a few minutes nap with the sound of soft waves as your lullaby. There are limited cottages near the shore which you can rent for a minimal fee. Too bad I wasn't able to watch the sunset as I have to check some other places in my itinerary but this place would have been perfect for a backpack trip where you can pitch your tent and just wait for the sun to set. Well, maybe next time. 

However, if you are not the backpacker type but would still want to spend the night in Guisi, there are two known resort in the area. Guisi Clearwater Resort can be reached at 09195636688 while Kenyama Resort's number is 09394276433.


  1. Amazing, sunny images that lift the heart and spirit. They took me out of a grey day. Thanks Oman.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. You are welcome Mersad. Have a happy sunny day :)

  2. No wonder, some of your photos landed in some high end magazines. Your photos make one hurry and book a ticket even if itinerary is full of other things.

    I always loved seeing beach photos with the fine sands and crystal clear water. It's so relaxing that one can even forget a problem once the sight of it is nearing. The splendor and beauty can never be equated with any grand architectural masterpieces or towering landmarks that only boosts height.

    Two years ago, I told myself that every time I'd want to dine in a fine dining resto I'd always check out the food blog of a casual friend Sumi Go of Purple Doll. Now, you brought that memory back to me - that every time I plan to visit tourist destinations and beaches locally, I'll dive in your blog for reference. Thanks God for you blog Atty. - it's just so enticing in my eyes as always hehehe!

    Have a great Wednesday. God bless you!

    1. Thanks for that nice words Jay but I wala naman masyadong nafefeature na photos ko sa magazines eh hehe. Yeah, I have cherished few pero nothing to brag about :)

      I am just happy to travel and take photos and write about them and if it happens that my stories could help my readers in one way or the other, then I am happy even more :)

  3. By the way, when was this trip of yours? is this a current one - like a couple of days ago? a week ago?

    1. I took the trip on the last week of December 2013 so it was a pretty recent trip for me :)

  4. That looks absolutely perfect - I'm ready for an extended visit, to get away from our snow and cold temperatures. Wonderful photos!

    1. My mom in Chicago is experiencing more than a foot of snow so I feel you when you say you are ready for something hotter :)

  5. This is a beautiful beach. My favorite photo in this set is the first.


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  7. Replies
    1. Hi Mica, quaint is an understatement for the place is truly fit for relaxation. Balik ka na :)

  8. Summer na summer na sa blog mo Attorney.

    1. Haha. Pag summer kasi maulan naman sa blog ko :)

  9. So many beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

    1. I agree, with more than seven thousand islands with most island having north, east , south and west shorelines, possibilities are limitless.

  10. Sayang, you could have stayed longer for the sunset and share your sunset photos to us.

  11. Im loving your blog. The very first picture was the best shot for me.

  12. Great post!

    May I know how much you paid for your tricycle ride? Are the resorts at Guisi the only place to eat if you get there?

    1. Hi Marian, I hired the tricycle all day from the Wharf to Jordan Proper to Guisi and Alubijod. Their standard rate is Php 1,200 but you can negotiate and customize your trip according to your itinerary. You may contact Charlie at 09461966887 :)

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