Sunday, June 22, 2014

Selfie Sunday : Berniemack of Habagat Central

Berniemack in Calle Real, Iloilo City

Bernardo "Bernienack" Arellano III, known in the blogosphere as Habagat Central is one of the most popular travel blogger in the country. He has extensively traveled the Philippines where he narrates his experiences and trips in his blog Habagat Central. His mission is to help tourists, students, yuppies, burgis, alipin, liping manggagawa, akademisyan, urbanite, conyo, promdi, pulitiko, negosyante, foreigners and many more in their travels and at the same time, guide commuters who need some references on how to survive and enjoy the 7107 islands of the Philippines without the expense of renting a car. 

Berrniemack gave several reasons why he liked the Selfie Photo taken at one of his favorite places, Calle Real in Iloilo City. As per Berniemack, "1)Heritage is very much alive, a part of my personal advocacy. (2)I always believe that an urban core or city center is what gives a city its character. (3) The beauty of change, from one of the most reviled places to one of Iloilo's best." 

Asked why the name Habagat Central, Berniemack quips "HabagatCentral was derived from inspiration of traveling. Like the wind called “habagat,” it travels swiftly over the archipelago bringing much needed rainfall for replenishing the parched soil."


  1. Read his blog and is a good source of information.

  2. I don't think I have been to his blog yet. I have to check it out.

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