Sunday, July 12, 2015

Selfie Sunday : Isabela of I See Bela

The names Bela, Bella, Belle strike me as someone who is delicate, feminine and mysterious. Case in point, Bela Padilla, Belle of Beauty and the Beast and Bella Swan of Twilight (with the exception of course of Bela Flores). But it is no mystery that Isabela Mariano or "Bela" is all that and more... a scholarly chick with a sense of adventure.

Bela is a twenty-something girl from Manila, Philippines but she is currently in the United States for awhile. She took BS Economics in the University of the Philippines Los Baños and currently attending classes in Dickinson College, a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania

When she was in the Philippines, she really wasn’t that interested in travelling, like she does now. It is mainly because she was so busy and she thought that there is nothing new to see. However, her stay in the USA changed her outlook on travelling. It turns out that she loves travelling. What does she get from travelling? Fun and memorable experiences, new people, chance to embrace a new culture, active lifestyle, and good (or sometimes, bad) food for the eyes and stomach! 

When asked about the Selfie photo, Bela said "It was taken on a plane during my flight to Korea last December 2014. No one was sitting beside me so I grabbed the chance to own it so I could relax and sleep during the flight." 

For more of Bela, do check out her travel stories and her travel guides at I See Bela.


  1. What a beautiful young woman, Oman!! Thank you for sharing this and I will visit her blog!! Thank you so much for sharing the information!! I do hope all is going well with you. So good to see your post for the day!! Have a great new week!!


  2. Very informative blog she has.