Monday, February 27, 2017

Rizal: Pelilla Wind Farm

Pelilla Wind Mills

It is certainly a welcome relief from all those APEC-related traffic madness because 2 hours away from Manila, Lantaw, Ironwulf and I found ourselves dwarfed beside 27 wind mills measuring 125 meters high.

The Pililla Wind Farm covers an area of 4,515 hectares. Construction started sometime 2009 where the windmills were strategically scattered over the hills of Pelilla. Pelilla was among those identified under the Philippine Wind Atlas as potential sites for wind farms due to good to excellent wind resources. 

There is a visitor's area in the farm where info-graphic materials are located. This is where most tourists are located because it is a good vantage point to see most of the windmills. However, we chose to explore the area and went as far as the boundary of Sampaloc, Rizal to search for a good place to do sunset shoot and here are some of the shots I had:


Gentle Giant

Tower of Power

Lantaw and Ironwulf Dwarfed

Sunset Threes

Imposing Structure

The Sun and The Wind Mill

Off From Work

In Action

Travel Notes:

1. You can freely roam around the area but the guards will caution you to maintain a 10-meter distance away from the Wind Mills. 

2. There is no entrance fee but Barangay Tanods will ask for a minimum donation. 

3. It is best to bring your own vehicle because there are very few commercial vehicles plying he route. Also, as of this writing, there are no organized transport such as habal-habal available in the Farm. Tricycles can be hired from Sampaloc for Php 300 one-way.

4. Bring sweaters or windbreakers because it could get really windy approaching the night.


  1. Awesome captures, Oman, as always and a fascinating post!! Thank you so much for sharing your world!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy!!

  2. The first photo is my favorite in this set. Another must-go place near Manila. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Alternative energy (solar and wind) is necessary to keep the country going I believe. After all we have an abundance of both sunshine and wind.

  4. Upon arriving at the Wind Farm, are there long and/or uphill walks? We plan to go there with my parents and they are a bit old. Well, not that old but I’m concerned if they’ll be able to walk with us to get close to the wind mills. Thanks in advance!

  5. The first photo looks like a book cover while the last photo is just so amazing.

  6. Beautiful photos! The windmills look totally amazing!

  7. Wow, another must-see place near Manila. Beautiful photos.

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