Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shared on Instagram : Life Events, Travels, Foods and Just About Anything You Can Photograph

People love to tell a story and there is nothing better than a picture to tell a story. Instagram does that, it introduces itself as a fast, beautiful and fun way to share life events, travels, foods and just about everything with friends through a series of photographs. Just snap a photo with your phone, filter or edit to transform the look and feel, and viola! it’s photo sharing, reinvented. 

You can even link the photos to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to have wider audience. Too bad, it does not have link to Blogger yet but who knows? With its fast-paced changes and development, linking with Blogger might be possible sooner that we think.

Presented here are snippets of some of the photos I have shared in Instagram. Some of these are the same photos I have shared in this blog while some are just random photos I have taken with my family and friends. And as I share these, let me quote others who eloquently explained while they love sharing on Instagram:

"People are social creatures. We like to tell others what we are doing, eating, buying, and seeing. Sharing an image through Instagram not only communicates what we are doing and where we are doing it, it gives iPhone users the ability to add a little creativity into their day and actually share a small piece of digital art."

"Microblogging is becoming huge in popularity. Programs like Instagram or Pinterest are becoming as important to some Bloggers as Facebook and Twitter, allowing quick, visual sharing of information in words (albeit only briefly) and pictures. The beauty of Instagram is that it is almost like a mini blog post in itself".

"This is your Instagram and your story. Have fun with it. Your followers will appreciate you more if posting is a pleasure, and not a chore."

As of July 2016, Instagram had over 500 million monthly active users sharing over 95 million posts daily. And in case you need another one to follow, do check out my instagram at :)


  1. I don't have Instagram nor Pinterest, but I think I might create an account, if I still have enough time to go about its ways. Thanks for your pictures!

  2. I have IG, I think I am already following you.

  3. i am already a follower.

  4. love those waterfalls, but i don't know where they are.