Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sorsogon : Nothing Wild in Gubat

Gubat's Lola Sayong
Gubat translated in english means Forest. While its english counterpart means a place covered by trees and plants and inhabited by wild animals, Gubat is more of a laid back place where one can choose to chillax or explore its many eco-wonders.

 At the forefront of terrific places that can accommodate you is Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp. It is built by locals, run by locals and makes you feel like a local too. According to the owners, Lola Sayong was created from deep story of the love for sirfing, love of community and awareness of the environment. The place has retained its rustic hippie charm that will appeal to both adults and kids alike. Continuous hand made developments are done to keep cleanliness in check. 

Gubat Marker along the HIghway

Apart from Lola Sayong, there are other worthy accommodations along Rizal Beach. And if the place is full, one can opt to pitch a tent along the beach for that more relaxed camping vibe.

Camping at Rizal Beach
Lucky for me, I was hosted by a local of Gubat who let me stay in their house. I even got to join their family and friends and enjoy the sumptuous meals they offer:

Fried Crabs in Garlic

Shellfish in Coconut Sauce


How to go there?

Gubat can be reached mostly through land transport from Manila by bus taking about 12 hours. There are several bus companies that operates daily from Manila to Gubat and vice versa.

Or you may opt to fly from Manila to Legaspi City in Albay and ride bus or van headings to Gubat.

There are also jeepneys that provide transportation to Sorsogon City, Bulusan, Barcelona, Prieto Diaz, Casiguran and Irosin among others. Local tricycle travels ply the inner barangays of the town.


  1. Well, I'll take this way of living any day of the week! Looks like a marvelous place to explore.

  2. My college bff hailed from Gubat. And I totally love your title.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  3. It sounds really good Oman.. you were so lucky to get the real family experience.

  4. It looks like a beautiful place - I'd love to kick back and relax for a few days. From my blog, my dogs are a Pomeranian, and some type of Chihuahua mix (we're not sure about that one).