Thursday, November 02, 2017

Manila : Open House @ The National Museum of Natural History

The Tree of Life
The National Museum of Natural History held an open house last October 29, 2017 giving glimpse of a fascinating collection of the country's rich flora and fauna in the first museum in the Philippines dedicated to natural history.

The one-day preview showcased just 20% of what the museum will offer but that 20% is enough to keep you wanting to go back there once the museum is fully operational and open to the public. Once fully operational, the museum will have eleven permanent galleries across five floors.

At the center of the museum is the imposing Tree of Life which is actually a huge DNA helix-shaped elevator that leads to a canopy of triangular steel panels. Notable pieces include the replica of Lolong, the longest crocodile held in captivity as well as collection of preserved specimens of birds, reptiles and mammals. 

If the timeline will be followed, the museum will have a grand launch in May 2018. In the meantime, here are some photos taken during the one-day preview:

Elaborate Dome

Film Showing of Natural Wonders

Interactive Earth

Replica of Lolong

Giant Taklobo

Naturalist at Work

Pencil Pushing Interactive Sketching

Philippine Deer

Book of Botany

Kitchen Helpers

A Cabinet Full of Stuffed Stuff


Crowd Waiting to Enter

The National Museum of Natural History