Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My Top 10 Travels of 2017

An epic US road trip that begins in Phoenix, Arizona and ends in Glendale, California covering four states, six days and 1,200 miles. A luxurious stay in a seven-star hotel in Dubai. Rekindling all-time fave places in Bataan, Batangas and Quezon Provinces. And exploring Sorsogon for the first time. These sum-up my 2017 travels and here are my Top 10 favorites:

1. Arizona
(The Grand Canyon, Horse Shoe Bend and Lower Antelope are places not to be missed. Dream come true for me)

2. Utah
(Zion National Park is just amazing. Gratuitous words are not enough to describe the place)

3. Dubai
(Two night stay in Burj Al Arab, need I say more?)

4. Sorsogon
(No minor thrills for this major value-for-money laid-back destination) 

5. Illinois
(Snow... you'll never forget your first time.) 

6. Nevada
(Sin baby, sin!)

7. Abu Dhabi
(A mosque that will put all others to shame.)

8. California
(Be one with the stars)

9. Batangas
(Eat, pray, love.)

10. Bataan
(One of the best escape places near Manila)

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