Monday, April 30, 2018

Arizona : Lower Antelope Canyon

Spiral Rock Arches

Our US road trip lead us to a popular stop in Page, Arizona - the Lower Antelope Canyon. Often referred to as Hazdistazi or "Spiral Rock Arches" by the local Navajo, Lower Antelope Canyon is located just several miles from Upper Antelope Canyon.

It is advisable to pre-book your trip here as getting a walk-in schedule is like finding a gem in a blind date - a rarity that you can get what you want. But you can get lucky too. We arrived few hours early and we got accommodated to an earlier tour.

Navigating the canyon does not require you to be absolutely fit. However, shedding few pounds would be nice as you will squeeze yourself in some narrow spots. Five flights of stairs of varying step widths are currently available to aid in descent and ascent. At the end, the climb out requires flights of stair.

Of course, while inside the Canyon, it often helps if you clear your mind and let some imagination work. Just look around and you will be surprised at what you can make-out of the crevices, twirls and holes of the Canyon. I swear I have seen semblance of seahorse, flowing hairs, and even faces between and among the amazing structures. Just be imaginative and the things you can see are limitless.   

Here are some photos I took while touring the Lower Antelope Canyon:


Sea Horse





Lower Antelope Canyon

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