Thursday, January 03, 2019

My Top 10 Travels of 2018


This post will be a little different. The Year 2018 was both a struggle and growth professionally. I was promoted to a higher corporate position, meaning, there will be less travel for me. Travel in a sense of geography, that is. Because where your feet cannot travel, your mind will.

So rather that enumerating the Top 10 places I have been in 2018 (an alibi for not going anywhere), let me share the top 10 travels that I never had.

1. Iceland - Just wow.

2. Turkey - how about that Turkish Bath

3. India - eat, pray and love.

4. Taiwan - for the street food.

5. Australia - i wanna see joey

6. South Africa - wild

7. Germany - Octoberfest

8. Oman - close but no cigar

9. Greece - why not?

10. Mexico - food and scenes

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