Monday, August 12, 2019

Mountain Province : Climbin' Mount Kupapey

View from the Top
Mount Kupapey is one of the two most-often climbed mountains of Maligcong. It's a moderate two-hour trek from the base where the Elementary School is located. It is best to start your climb around 4 in the morning so you could watch the sunrise and the sea clouds over the rice terraces of Maligcong.

You will have to trek in the company of canines, Kunig being the most popular one. You can't help but feel secured as these friendly companies will walk ahead of you to lead the way. Although sometimes, they could be so playful and will often times pass by you in the narrow paths of the rice terraces. Good balance required.

In little less than a couple of hours, you will reach the summit where an awesome view of sea of clouds will mesmerize you. And once the clouds clear, the beautiful views of the rice terraces will keep you in awe.

All in all, climbing Mount Kupapey was a great experience best shared with friends. Here are some photos of the place:

Walking at the edge of the Terraces


Worth the Climb

Kunig and the Gang

I saw the light

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