Friday, March 02, 2007

A Glimpse Of Mom's Garden

This is my mom with her two grandchildren KC and Ayeen.

This is where we had our morning coffee!

Part of her binonsai na kalachuchi at bougainvilla collections.

Her gumamela (hibiscus) in pots collection.

My fave corner of her garden. There is a couple of Milflores, Bonsai Plants and a Duck (?)

My mom is very proud of her Euphorbia Collections.
Ito raw kasi nagbigay sa kanya ng green thumb.

Of course, no garden will be complete if there are no orchids.


  1. Ang ganda ng garden nyo. Me greenthumbs mom mo. Maganda ang ganyan me pinaglilibanagan sya.

  2. I always wanted a garden kaya lang you cant have a garden here in Manila kasi napaka-limited ang space. Oh gosh, I miss the countryside.

  3. ferdz, it was only recently when my mom showed interests in plants. marami muna sya napatay na halaman bago naging green thumb. thnx 4 ur comment.

    teena, if there is a will, there is a way po. Kahit konting space lang yan pwede yan lagyan halaman.

    anony, thnx.

  4. Wow! You have nice house and garden. Ang galing ng mommy mo. It's not easy maintaining a garden this beautiful. :)

  5. Hello, can you ask your mom kung magkano bili sa mga halaman at mga pangdesign nya para magka-idea naman ako kung kaya ng budget ko. Thank You in advance.