Monday, March 12, 2007

Hectic Weekend

What a busy weekend!
Friday - Meeting with Association of Local Accountants of Nueva Ecija where we set the date for the Seminar to be sponsored by ALANE in cooperation with COA-GAFMIS. At the same time, there were elections of the Board of Trustees. The following Accountants were elected:
1. Norman P. Serapio - Cabanatuan City
2. Cesar V. Mata - San Jose City
3. Erlinda D. Carpio - Aliaga
4. Nenita Abenales - Gapan City
5. Bella B. Baldovino - Talugtug
6. Ireneo D. Embuscado - San Antonio
7. Edwin S.T. San Juan - Bongabon
8. Maribel G. Octavio - Talavera
9. Leilani L. Domingo - Quezon
10. Diana B. Sison - Sta. Rosa
11. Fe Fontanilla - Rizal
The officers were also elected by the Board of Trustees, and they are as follows:
President: Norman P. Serapio - Cabanatuan City
Vice President: Nenita Abenales - Gapan City
Secretary: Cesar Mata - San Jose City
Treasurer - Erlinda Carpio - Aliaga
In the afternoon, I had to go back to the office to talk to some persons whom I had previous appointments with and to finalize the reports needed by COA.
Saturday: I was invited together with our City Treasurer Mina Callanta, City Budget Officer Lorie Jacinto and Executive Assistant Eugene Mintu in the radio program of Magtanggol Villar in DWJJ. Collectively known as the "Finance Committee", the four of us reported on the the affairs of the City Government to the listeners of the radio program.
In the afternoon, I had to rush back to the office to finish and review some transactions which I have missed yesterday because of the meeting. Then I went to look and scout for a place where we will hold our seminar on March 26 to 28. I even had to beg-off from attending the birthday party of one of my godsons. Bawi na lang ako.
Sunday: My sister came home from Manila so we had a simple reunion with all my nephews and nieces. It was a loud and tiring day we spent singing and eating and walang sawang kwentuhan and kulitan, then we proceeded to tour the City and shop. It was really, really tiring but it was fun.
First to my sister who was promoted in her office. Then, to myself (hehehe) for being elected president of ALANE for the second time. And congratulations also to all the officers and members of ALANE.
Finally, to Ethan Vaughn, my godson, happy 2nd birthday to you!!!

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