Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazy, Hazy Summer @ Bagac Beach

It is now one of my favorite time of the year - SUMMER. And when you think of beach getaways, Bagac may not be the first place that comes to mind. Err, you've probably never heard of Bagac in the first place.

Bagac offers a back-to-basics experience. In fact, in most of the coves, you need to pinch a tent if you plan to stay overnight. There are few resorts in the area but we preferred an old-school-fun at the beach where we set-up our tent, grill our own food and chill with a beer on hand. And since the beach ain't that touristy, the serenity of the place is just priceless.



Hop Your Way Thru Stones

Fine Sand that Changes Color on a Season

Mini Fish Fence

Natural Rock Barriers Appear at Low Tide

Landscape of Hills, Stones and Beach

Women and Children Wading on the Waters

My Constant Companion

How to go there?

Buses (Genesis or Bataan Bus)leave Manila hourly and arrives at Balanga City in Bataan. From Balanga City, you need to take another bus (mini,non-aircon) to Bagac. From Bagac, you can rent tricycles that will lead you to your place of choice. You can ask the driver to drop you to either Paitan or Looc Cove where you can start your cove and beach-hopping experience.


  1. This is so beautiful. The scenery is so superb. Love the greenery in the background too. The place is so well kept and clean too.

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    You can join the campaign in her blog.

    This can happen to anyone, go to her blog to get the button and please spread the message around bloggerland. Thank you so much.

  2. looks like an unspoiled spot... hmmmm...with the exception of you can of beer... ;-)

  3. ang ganda!! di pa kasi summer di sa hk so ndi ko pa me enjoy yan.. ^^ hay sana makauwi ako sa pinas this summer!!

  4. wow ganda naman nito kuya Oman, parang serene na serene... hmm tamang tama para sa darating na holy Week.

  5. Summer and a beach like that would make it perfect!
    Perfect is also what Blogtrotter is showing; don't miss it... ;))
    Have a great week ahead!

  6. parekoy, beer drinker din ako pero tingin overrated yung san mig hehe. dito kasi sa dami ng beer ang meron akong natuklasan na mas masarap sa san miguel

  7. Thanks for the tip...alternative getaway!

  8. wonderful place! I am so looking forward for the long and lazy summer days! thank you so much for joining my campaign!

  9. ganda ng beach oh! parang...

    ..dagat! wahehhehehe!

  10. i like the idea of pitching a tent, and grill. it's been such a long time since i last did that.

    summer is killing me. i want to go to all the beautiful beaches.

  11. yeah! this is the first time that I've heard of it and for sure sobrang ganda dun, pics mo pa lang eh, paradise na! :)

    what I love abut this blog is that you never stop featuring new places,

  12. nalu;unglot ko paag naiisip ko na summer na---di kasi ako makagala---sa October pa yung sshedule ng gala ko---sana medyo maging okay n by May at ng makahabol sa summer....gusto ko ng magtampisaw sa beach tulad nito----

  13. Nice shots. Love the sunrise and sunset photos. Really great. I missed beach.

  14. great photos!!! ganda nung sunrise photo mo...

    so, malapit lang eto sa mt. samat?

    hmm, so ganyan pala hitsura ni dong...sabi mo constant companion eh. hehehe..jk!

  15. wow! ganda! sa bataan pala ito.. nakarating na ako ng bataan pero hindi naman ako nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na makapaglibot libot..

  16. I really want to go to the beach, with the kids...

    Sigh, i hope i get the chance!

  17. That's not too far from Manila then, easily reachable. PI has so many beautiful beaches.

  18. What a beautiful, peaceful place, I hope its never ruined by resorts.

  19. this is heaven! i don't know which beach to visit first this summer. i hope you took that beer can with you when you left.:D

  20. nyero, panay pa rin lakwatsa natin ah. sponsored na ba yan ng san mig light? hehehe

  21. I've never heard of Bagac before. Your photos are really excellent, I especially adore the Sunrise shot. Everything is so crisp clear!

    Looks like this place is not visited often kaya walang masyadong tao and mukhang untouched pa ang national resources.

  22. again nice shot!

    san pala tong bagac beach?

  23. Nice naman Kuya Oman!


    SUmmer na summer na!

  24. ahhhh! ang sarap naman. kahit sa pics mo kuya makapagbakasyon. hehehe.

    ingats po palagi=p

  25. that photo of women and their children is so nice. you really have an eye for nice subjects like this.

  26. beautiful scenery and nice sunset shots bro. :)

  27. Yikesss andami lang dikya sa bataan ...

  28. naks. sarap ng summer ah. dito ang mga beach walang natural .. except for the water i guess .. hehe

  29. those afterglow photos are amazing!

  30. ganda! ang linaw ang tubig. Summer na naman magsusulpotan na naman ang mga tao sa mga beaches.

  31. @ alicesg - the place is still clean because it is not yet that popular to tourist. i just hope that visitors of the place maintain the cleanliness of the place.

    i just joined her campaign. tnx.

    @ sidney - unspoiled indeed. but don't worry, the can of beer is just for posterity. it was properly disposed afterwards.

    @ cyndirellaz - sana nga. i'll be in hk on april 22-25. hope to cover as much of hk inthat trip.

    @ basti - yeah. i have been contemplating wether to spend my holy week there eh pero may isa pa rin kasi ako option puntahan. hanggang ngayon undecided pa ko.

    @ gmg - i will definitely check it out. thanks.

  32. @ madbong - madali kasi hanapin sm lights eh, halos lahat ng place meron pero i won;t mind trying new one. ano bro natuklasan mo? mind sharing?

    @ twin - ur welcome :)

    @ lara - i just hate it when i see my photos on some site and they did not inform me beforehand so i am one with your campaign.

    @ punky - oi... salamat...

    @ the dong - the best time kasi talaga to hit the beach this summer. tyak marami ka pupuntahan ngayon. kitakits na lang.

  33. @ christian bryan - hello bro. i try my best to mix it up. although i still encounter the occasional tourist trap, i am luckt to discover new places naman.

    @ pusang gala - yeah. been to that situation too but what the heck, i am now in the point of my career kasi na i do what i want and i am not afraid to get fired lol.

    @ superman - thanks. two contrasting time but equally captovating.

    @ reena - mga 20 minutes lang ito from mount samat.

    hahaha, pakita ko sa future post ko si dom pag pumayag :)

    @ fjordan allego - there is always next time bro. pag summer kasi maganda kulay ng sand. ang hirap lang eh medyo marami jelly fish during this time.

  34. @ sheng - hope you had a chance too.

    @ photo cache - so many beautiful beaches... so little time...

    @ ann - i agree. the serenity of the place is what makes it attractive. hope the resorts won't ruin it.

    @ luna miranda - i agree. lots of beach to choose from. don't worry about the can of beer, it was properly disposed. :)

    @ r-yo - paging SMLight, sponsor nyo naman ako kahit free one case a week lol.

  35. @ halfcrazy - tama ka jan. virgin beach pa halos ito at bibihira talaga pumupunta.

    @ everlito - sa bataan to bro, between balanga and morong.

    @ richard the lionheart - saan ba adventure mo ngayon?

    @ my-so-called-quest - ingat din lagi doc. salamat sa pagdalaw kahit alam ko na super busy ka sa pag-aaral.

    @ collapsingbarrycade - thanks. just got lucky with that one.

  36. @ bw - thanks bro.

    @ aline - yun din ang downside doon eh. takot pa naman ako sa mgyun kasi ang kati-kati nila pag nag-sting. pero wala naman yung poisonous na breed doon.

    @ vanessa - thanks.

    @ jericho - saan yan bro?

    @ lantaw - coming from an idol like you, that is indeed a complement.

    @ nanaybelen - korek nay, it is time to get tan and hit the beach.

  37. LS: Nature can offer such wonderful opertunities for photos and you visit spectacular places.

  38. I never tire of looking at your photos. What a tropical paradise and you capture it so beautifully!

  39. Such a beautiful place. I hope to visit it some day.

  40. Very nice photos, most especially the last one. Yep, summer is definitely here. :-)