Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mount Samat : The Cross, the Views and the Stained Glass

Tourist go to Mount Samat mainly for two reasons. First is to honor our forefathers who waged their lives for our country during the war. Second is to enjoy the fascinating view of Bataan through one of its highest peak.

After taking sometime on the base of the cross and marveling at awesome stone sculptures, we headed inside the cross' observatory deck by riding on an elevator. We were lucky that the elevator was working that time so we were spared from climbing up almost three hundred steps of stairs leading to the observatory.

Once you are on the observatory deck, you will be greeted with a fresh breeze of mountain air. There are two rooms up there (the right and left hand of the cross) where you can see the vast landscape of mountains, slopes, hills and the faraway sea below. Really a sight to behold.

Then, after spending sometime up there, we decided to visit the chapel where there are beautiful stained glass and the museum where war memorabilia were stored. You can even wander around the garden area where various depictions of war were installed.

All in all, the place is perfect for a day trip where you can relax at the atmosphere of fresh mountain breeze but most of all, thank our forefathers who were heroes of war and defenders of our freedom.

View From The Cross

Another View From The Cross

The Cross and the Philippine Flag

Chapel's Stained Glass I

Chapel's Stained Glass II

Chapel's Stained Glass III

View of Mount Samat and the Cross On a Clear Day

How to go there?

By Land: From Manila, Mount Samat is just 130 kilometers away. You can traverse NLEX going to SCTEX then exit on Dinalupihan, Bataan. You will pass by Bataan's capital city of Balanga before turning right to Samat. The entire trip is travel friendly because of the signs.

By Sea: Go to CCP Terminal Complex, Roxas Boulevard and book yourself through Mount Samat Ferry. You will be docked at Port of Orion. From there, you have to rent a van or a jeepney that will take you to Mount Samat shrine.


  1. ganda ng mga stained glass. buti na lang may ginawa na rin silang chapel doon. it gives us more good reasons to go there.

  2. picturesque! love the top photo...and the stained glass. i've never been to this place so thank you for sharing the photos.

  3. Good thing the elevator was working! Ehehe.

    The stained glass thingie looks interesting! =)

  4. wow ang ganda! :)

    now ko lang nalaman that Mt Samat is in Bataan. Hehe... All along i was thinking of Jerusalem. I don't know why. Hahaha...

    I love the stained glass!!!

  5. whew! ganda ng sightseeing pati na din nung stained glass. it looks so solemn,. ^^ kung kailangan ko magnilanilay, maganda kung dun ako pupunta..

  6. It's Holy Week soon, ryt?

    Your fotos are simply serene....

  7. Great coverage of Mount Samat...I particularly like the first image!
    Superb !

  8. what a majestic view from the mountain!

  9. Wow, it is even more beautiful than the last time I saw it! I think there were certain floors in the cross which serves as the Museum? From what I remember, I saw some old cannons, rifles, etc.!

    For some reason, di ko nakita yung stained glass. Pero ito ba yung nasa baba? Yung may altar?

    Salamat sa directions, magkano yung Mount Samat Ferry? Sana lagyan mo rin ng "How To Go There?" yung upcoming entries mo! :)

  10. Hi Norman! Sorry for the absence! It has been hard to get some free time... ;)
    Great pictures; the views are awesome and the stained-glass are lovely! The sculptures on the cross are also wonderful! Excellent details!!

    Now, «The Masterpiece» waits you and your comments at Blogtrotter. You shouldn’t miss it, believe me... ;). Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  11. Ang ganda ng shots. I like the last best. It's like heaven has descended to the mountain side and celebrated a mass.

  12. Wow it is a magnificent view from where you are. Love the colourful stained glass too. Have a nice weekend.

  13. great pix

    they somewhat remind me of the upcoming holy week
    bakit kaya?

    happy weekend, lawstude

    see ya around!

  14. wow that stained glass is really something, very contemporary. i love it a lot.

  15. isa sa mga college friend ko eh nakatira sa bataan... tagal na nya ako inaaya sa lugar na yan... wala lang time... sana mapuntahan ko din yan :D

  16. Two thumbs up sa mga shots lawstude.
    Ganda...lalo na ung mga stained glasses.

    Dapat sayo bigyan ka ng posisyon sa department of tourism e.hehe.

    Miss ko na dito!

  17. I totally LOVED the first photo!

  18. A 1ªfoto é belíssima!!


  19. the stained glass is a nice work of art ! The cross is truly an imposing figure :)

  20. @ the dong - korek bro. may time na maganda kunan yung stained glass because of the sun's reflection. kaya maganda pumunta doon mg medyo tanghali.

    @ luna miranda - you are welcome. hope you can go there sometime and then hit the beach not far from the area.

    @ andy briones - lucky me :)

    @ reena - dahil siguro sa cross hehehe.

    @ borneo falcon - i couldn't agree more.

  21. @ cyndirellaz - yap. lalo na kung magtrek ka pataas. next tme yun ang plan ko eh.

    @ kris jasper - yup. 2nd week of april bro.

    @ sidney - thanks.

    @ carlotta - i agree.

    @ half crazy - the museum is in lower portion of the place. yung chapel nasa baba nga.

    i am not sure about the rate. i will try to put "how to go there" at the last entry of any series. thanks.

  22. @ GMG - thanks. i agree with you on finding free time. i hardly have one myself lol.

    @ em - ganda naman ng description mo. kokopyahin ko nga yan in one of my future post lol.

    @ alicesg - thanks and have a great one too.

    @ raft3r - maybe because of the cross. have a happy week too. see yah around.

    @ photo cache - thanks.

  23. @ lalaine - di ka magsisi pag pumunta ka. tapos punta kayo sa malapit na beach doon.

    @ iriz - paging DOT lol.

    @ ash - thanks. i like that shot too 'coz that is purely extempo.

    @ gata verde - beijos.

    @ bw - i agree sir. thanks for the visit.

  24. namangha ako sa 2nd pic nyo. View from the cross. galing ang kuha nyo . daig pa ng post card. Thanks for sharing po nice views