Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mainit Hot Springs @ Biliran

Mainit Hot Springs is located in the Municipality of Caibiran in the island of Biliran. The local government has developed this place by constructing three small pools that will hold the flowing hot water coming from the islands' active volcanic and mountainous areas. The temperatures in the pool are classified as warm, hot and very hot - but these are all safe for a relaxing dip. In fact, I spent sometime in there just dipping alternately in those three pools.

Caution should be taken on going there thou because you need to cross a small strip of stream before you can go to the constructed pools. The stones in the stream can be quite slippery because of the sulfuric residue that the hot springs produce. It should also be noted that the place seem to have only few visitors that whenever there are tourists to this place, flocks of local from the neighborhood suddenly appears and seem to be amused with the new faces they see. No need for concern thou 'coz these are friendly folks and they offer ready smiles for you.

Mainit Hot Springs

Pond of Various Hotness

Hot Woter Spilling on Pond's Sides

Hotta Pool

Cooler Waters

Hot Meet Cool

Carabaos Enjoying at Further End

By the way, Mainit literally translates to "hot" so you got an overkill in the nomenclature there. Let me share this post and the three previous post in Biliran to all my friends in the meme "My World". To see other great places from around the world, just click here.


  1. this hot spring is perfect for arthritic people.:D

    is there a volcano in Biliran?

  2. he he. people from the provinces usually meet visitors/tourists with warm smiles as they stalk them. lalo na yung foreigners. i should know, gawain namin yun noong bata pa kami. :-)

  3. Lovely and interesting place. Great capture too, all of them. Makes me want to schedule a trip to Biliran! :-)

  4. i wish i was there. a hot dip will be soothing. but definitely without the carabaos. hehehe...

  5. Wow the hot spring looked so beautiful and the water is so clean and clear.

  6. I wanted to bathe in the coolness and hotness of the spring. Gosh, breathtaking pics here!

  7. "The temperatures in the pool are classified as warm, hot and very hot."

    -> I like this part, ehehe. :-)

  8. aha
    why quote wiki?
    credible na ba sila ngayon?
    pero seriously
    masarap ang hot springs
    luto ang itlog kaagad

  9. Raft3r strikes again.... Tinatanong ni Marisa Laguardia yung contact number mo. Joke, ehehehe. :p

  10. hi. i like this. i've experienced hot pools here in manila pero artificial. it would be nice to experience the real thing. anong volcano nasa biliran?

    no picture of you dipping here huh? :) tc!

  11. This place is beautiful. Wish I was there

  12. reminds me of Maquinit Hot Springs in Coron, only that this looks more private, more relaxing, being in the midst of lush greens. The Maquinit was massive it was intimidating; it could feel like being inside a big pot with boiling water. Haha.

  13. wonderful post. can it be any more obvious what type this is with its name. but it's really worth going, may be I should go with all this achy bones :(

  14. Mainit nga! :)

    Nice set of photos here, Lawstude. Sulit ang adventure :)

  15. sarap nga po jan.... hehe taga biliran po kz ang lola ko. kaya lagi kami bakasyon jan dati. so natiman mo po ba ang sweetest waters in the world kuya oman???

  16. wow.. looks like a nice place to enjoy the hot spring, much like a spa. I remember the Pansol springs in Laguna - maalis talaga ang libag mo sa init haha :)

  17. Saan ba ang Biliran? magan da siguro ito lalo na pag madevelop. May napuntahan din akong hot spring noon noon pa sa Asin Hot Spring in Baguio hindi pa gaanong nadevelop noon pero masarap lumangoy at therapeutic

  18. niiiice. :D looks calming.

  19. As quedas de água naturais são poderosas e fantásticas!


  20. uy, naalala ko rin ito from two years ago. wasn't able to take a dip though. kakatuwa talaga ang biliran.

  21. Attorney! na refreshed ako sa fotos mo!

    Sabi mo may FB ka? waaahhhh!!!! di mo pa ko na-invite?

  22. Sarap siguro magtampisay jan no?

  23. @ luna miranda - that is so true. sarap sa tubig na yun. our guide said there are still active volcanoes in biliran. i just forgot the name.

    @ r-yo - hahaha. kakatuwa nga sila kasi twing mag shoshoot ako tinatawag nila ko tapos kuhanan ko daw sila.

    @ jenn - you should. the place is highly recommended. just be sure to coordinate with their tourism staff first.

    @ the dong - i-schedule natin bro kasi gusto ko pa makita ibang falls doon eh. it required hiking kasi and my companions that time were not really up to the challenge lol.

    @ alicesg - plus it hot lol.

  24. @ sheng - thanks. it is indeed refreshing. parang mawawala lahat ng sakit ng katawan mo.

    @ andy briones - meron pa isa area doon na talagang kumukulo yung tubig kaya di safe paliguan.

    @ raft3r - hahaha. softboiled lang bro.

    @ reena - jacuzzi ba? iba pa rin ang real thing di ba? meron ako mga picture pero as always makakasira lang ako ng view eh lol.

  25. @ borneo falcon - thanks

    @ collapsingbarrycade - i would like to experience, err see that bro.

    @ regina - thank you

    @ photo cache - overkill nga bro eh. parang sinabing Malamig Cold Spring lol.

    @ dodong flores - salamat bro. sarap ngang bumalik to see more.

    @ basti - mineral water natikman ko hehe. pero iba nga ang tubig doon bro. di masyado clear pero mabango.

  26. @ bw - di lang libag pati mga sakit sa balat lol.

    @ nanaybelen - sa visayas po ang biliran sa tabi ng leyte.

    maganda asin hot spring kasi malamig ang baguio.

    @ acey - it is calming indeed.

    @ gata verde - gracias.

  27. @ oggie - tama ka bro. ang daming makikita kung nature lover ka.

    @ kris jasper - teka, di ko alam address mo. add mo ko

    @ vanessa - yup. napakarelaxing sa katawan.