Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tamaraw Falls @ Puerto Galera

Before an onslaught of beaches in my up-coming posts, let me first share you Tamaraw Falls in this Puerto Galera Series.

Tamaraw Falls is a series of waterfalls. There are at least two Falls at the top, falling into another couple of falls and eventually flowing into the cool water at the bottom. It is not a hard track but be wary because the stones are quite slippery. The water is cool and refreshing that one would be tempted to dip on a man-made natural pool just opposite the Falls.

Here are some photos I have taken of the most popular Falls in Mindoro:

One of the Falls

Starting and Startling Points

Strong Force Thru Thick Foliage

Never-ending Stream amidst Slippery Rocks

Flowing Thru Stones

Cool Waters

Nature at its Best

How to go there?

From Puerto Galera take the road that goes through San Teodoro and onto Calapan, jeepneys ply the road regularly. You will find the Tamaraw Falls before San Teodoro.

The distance is only about 15 kilometers from Puerto Galera and the falls is literally just a couple of meters off the road.

More photos and stories about Puerto Galera in my next posts.


  1. picturesque! i love the last photo---simply breathtaking. wala ka ba nakitang dyosa dito?:D

  2. ganda ng falls na to ah at ang gaganda din ng mga kuha mo. i like the most photos 3, 5 and the last one.

  3. Ang taas. mukhang nakakatakot.

  4. You were right when you labelled one of the photos, NATURE AT ITS BEST, that is indeed the truth.

  5. looking at the photos from here in my cubicle is a respite for my eyes, specially on a frenetic friday. ganda talaga ng pinas no?

  6. looking at the photos here in my cubicle is a welcome respite for my eyes, specially on a frenetic friday. ganda talga ng pinas no?

  7. very refreshing ang waterfalls... ganda!

  8. You've introduced me to so many great spots there that when I get there, I'll need to spend 3 months to see it all!

  9. How's the sound generated by the waterfalls? Like music to a nature lover?

  10. It's nice that you have a "How to go there?" thingie at the end of each post. This will be a big help for people like me who plan on going to the places you write about in your blog. But first thing's first: I need to save up for the mean time. =P

  11. nice falls. parang ito yata ang napuntahan namin noon noon pa.

  12. never knew these falls existed there! only been to PG's beaches. :)

  13. O nosso planeta ainda tem muita beleza!!!


  14. we visited TF when we went to Puerto Galera in 2003. cool water, indeed! and i've got an interesting photo of this fall with a somewhat creepy image hehe

  15. Napapuerto galera ka? Kala ko dagat, may falls rin pala. Masarap maligo dyan kasi hindi diretso ang daloy ng tubig, so hindi siya malalim.

  16. Iba pa rin talaga ang Mindoro!

    Kaya nga PROUD MIndorenio ako e!

    hehe :)

  17. parang ang lamig ng tubig :)

  18. btw, may socially relevant post ngayon sa the deadbeat club
    paki patulan

  19. I was challenged what is this Tamaraw thing all was a Fall pala. naku namis ko ang mga obra ni lawstude.

    parang green motif kayo ni s'dong ah. i could almost touch the leaves and grass. so vivid shots!

    were green wd envy, as usual.

  20. LS: I'm sending this to a friend who loves waterfalls.