Monday, April 05, 2010

Imperial Cheng Ho Harbour Cruise

We arrived at Singapore on a late afternoon and after checking-in at our hotel, we hurriedly proceed to the Harbour Front Center for our dinner-cruise at Imperial Cheng Ho Harbour Cruise, our first activity in this 3-day Singapore tour.

For a little bit of history/trivia, Admiral Cheng Ho holds an honorable place in Chinese history and visited parts of the world as the emissary of the Emperor of China in the 15th century. The boat which we will use in this cruise is an exact replica of a famous Imperial Vessel of the Ming Dynasty - the Da Fu, M.V. Cheng Ho.

The entire night cruise takes about four hours and offers a stunning view of Singapore from out at sea. Silhouettes and shadows interplay with the lights from Singapore's Marina Bay mixed with lights from the ships in the Eastern Anchorage. The highlight of the Cruise is when the ship stops near Sentosa Island to catch the view of the fireworks display by the "Songs of the Sea". Here are some shots of the Cruise:

Brochure and a Map

The Little Dragon by the Boat

Singapore Bay at Dusk

Singapore Bay at Night

Glowing City

Light and Sound Show from Afar

Night View along the Bay

Construction Left and Right

This is my second time in Singapore and my first time to do the cruise although I have done a similar River Cruise in Bangkok a couple of years back. Because of the excitement, I have forgotten to take an anti-dizziness pill which I usually took whenever I board a ship. The result is, well, almost disastrous on my part because my head keep on spinning for the entire trip. I was not able to enjoy the sumptuous mean and worst, I can't focus to take the shots I wanted too. Oh well, eager-beaver me. :)

More of Singapore, sans the spinning head on my next posts.


  1. saya naman ng singapore travel... makakarating din ako dyan... soon. hehehe

  2. Skylines at night are always fascinating. But the sunset view would always be better when in the Philippines. =)

  3. wow singapore has dramatically changed... the casino and the singapore flyer =p i wanna go there next year...for the universal studio singapore :)

  4. Wow, everything sounds sooo magical!

    I especially love the night photos. You gotta love all that bright lights, and the quiet waters beside the bustling city. I hope San Mig At The Bay in Moa would look like this in about 5 years from now.

  5. i didnt know about this cruise. it goes beyond the singapore river. i like the view of the new casino being built which has a surfing board-like on top of it.

  6. Cool. I never take this cruise Nice photos. I hope you been to the casino to have a look.

  7. kaya khit di pa ako nakapuntang SG, that country already looks so familiar to me sa dami ng nagbblog nyan.

    how;s your calaguas trip? Ü

  8. wow cool shots!sana makapunta rin ako dito!!

  9. wow..i wish somebody would bring me there~! dami ko relatives diyan pero wala pang nagsosponsor sakin na pumunta diyan....hehe^_^ ganda

  10. sorry to hear about your sea sickness. it is such a hassle isn't it? you took a lot of wonderful pix for someone who was under the weather.

  11. yung sa Light and Sound Show from Afar.

    parang liberation tower dito sa kuwait.

    maliwanag ang gabi!

  12. I haven't been by to see you in so long and had a lot of catching up to do...I love your photos so much and have missed then. I won't stay away so long again!

  13. I know the feeling when one gets seasick. I've been there many times but I am never deterred one bit venturing out to sea, as long as I take my motion sickness pill or put a medical patch behind my ear.

    I admire you for being able to take such nice photos considering the condition you were in. You are good!

  14. Ganda naman ng mga night shots. Congrats nga pala attorney, nakita ko photo mo sa Reader's Digest.

  15. Great pictures... can't see you were seasick !

  16. @ gillboard - tama, 3 hours away lang naman sya from manila so pwedeng-pwede talaga.

    @ witsandnuts - syempre, pinas pa rin tayo.

    @ fufu - the universal studio is still under construction when we went there but if i remember it right, it should be open by now.

    @ halfcrazy - San Mig at the Bay? pwede pero kahit di pa ganito yun eh super ganda naman ng sunset view doon.

  17. @ the dong - i have seen that too. astig ng structure nila no?

    @ alicesg - too bad i wasn't have enough time to spare to do casino like when i was in macau. maybe next time. :)

    @ peneloperolston0512 - you are very much welcome. :)

    @ chyng - fave kasi puntahan ang singapore because of its proximity to manila. calaguas trip was a blast. sarap ulit-ulitin.

  18. @ theonoski - makakapunta ka jan bro. ikaw pe eh globetrotter ka kaya :)

    @ sendzki - paging relatives of sendzki lol.

    @ photo cache - yeah. i was a bit too eager to do a nogh shoot on the boat. no one to blame but me :(

    @ everlito - talaga? i just forgot the name pero its one of the main rides in sentosa island.

  19. @ sandi mcbride - always a pleasure seeing you visit this blog. i appreciate your warm comments.

    @ bertn - thanks a lot. although i must admit i haven't taken much of the ship's interior and the food also. haiiz. maybe next time, and i won't forget to take my bonamine again. :-)

    @ vinzent - thanks bro. swerte lang.

    @ sidney - thanks. i have lots of dizzying photos not worth a second look lol.

  20. lovely Singapore. love your night shots--so romantic.:p

    hirap ng may motion sickness--di naman halata sa mga shots mo.:p

  21. Hey attorney! i hope di ka nasuka dun sa cruise... next time kasi, ilagay sa undies ang anti-sickness pills para di malimutan :)

  22. Getting queasy on a trip isn't fun pero buti na lang, despite the low light levels, you were still able to capture photos of your cruise.

  23. parang di naman halata na nahilo ka. ganda pa rin ng mga photos.

  24. LS: Nicely captured and a great job on the night shots.

  25. Ganda ng nighshots mo bro. Hilo ka pa nyan ha.

  26. @ luna miranda - thanks. if y\only you cud see some of my shots that nyt. blurry at nakakahilo lol.

    @ kris jasper - arrgh. nasuka nga ako eh lol. sayang kinain ko dun ang sarap pa naman. undies? thats a great idea.

    @ the nomadic pinoy - better make the most of the given situation. hirap nga lang talaga kasi hilo ako.

  27. @ uno - di ba? haha. pakita ko iba ko shots. salamat.

    @ fishing guy - thanks you :)

    @ d fat man - hehehe. ang dami ko na miss na opportunity kaso hirap magshoot pag wala sa condition.

    @ raft3r - bukas na yata bro.