Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Singapore - By The Urban River

The Singapore river is a small river with huge historical importance. This 11,000 meter long river lies in the central region of the island and empties out in Marina Bay. Today, the River and its vicinity is home to a blend of historical, tourist and commercial structures such as shophouses, bridges, shrines, skyscrapers and of course, the Merlion.

What is fascinating about this river is that it used to be so polluted before that there barely is no sign of life in the river. But due to the efforts of the government, and the Singaporeans in general, rehabilitation efforts were made in 70s up to the 80s and by 1987 the clean-up of the Singapore River was completed. After the massive clean-up, people can now engage in activities such as wayang performances on a bumboat, variety shows staged on pontoons anchored in the river, and boat races.

Today, speedboats, dragon boats, pedal-boats and sampans can be seen plying on the clean waterways of the Singapore River. You can even book a cruise to enjoy the amazing quayside of this river. Here are some snaps:

Litle Shops and Tall Buildings

Sir Stamford Raffles Landing Site

The Now-Alive Singapore River

The Merlion

Singapore Flyer

Old Boat Plying Singapore River

Lawstude D Promdi

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  1. this river cruise is something I missed. stayed there for 3 days and it's just not enough to explore this small yet compact metropolis....

  2. kulang yung here are my snapshots. dapat "here are my gorgeous snapshots". Ü

  3. great photos, as always. sana ang pasig marehabilitate rin. kung kaya nila, kaya rin naman ng pinoy. (cross my fingers...)

  4. hahahah. natawa ako sa promdi photo mo. :)

  5. this part of the city is so vibrant, partly due to the river activities. manila should learn from s'pore about reviving the pasig river.

  6. Hi, Atty. Oman. Nice photos of Singapore scenery here. If they were able to rehabilitate their river, we can also do that to our Pasig River and any other polluted rivers in the country that are already considered dead...
    Belated Happy Easter. Ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw...

  7. Nice pics, just like in Makati, parang ang liit liit ko sa matataas na building doon.

  8. parang napanuod ko lahat yan sa amazing race last monday... hehehe

  9. marvelous shots! Philippines could have been like Singapore, or even better, if we don't have a corrupt government. these photos could have been the banks of Pasig River, di ba? :p

  10. Great shots, as usual.

    It's amazing to know that the river was once very polluted before. I believe we can do that with Ilog Pasig too. It's gonna be really hard to work on that considering the shanties that live near it and the wrong ways of the people. But I believe there's hope.

    I really like the Ferris Wheel shot.

  11. yeah agree!!! though it's a small island, 3days definitely not enough to explore the whole country!!! =p so much to see... hihihi and now they have new attractions like the casinos, sentosa and universal studio...

  12. tagal ko na hindi nakapasyal dito... pero ganda pa din mga kuha mo... feeling ko nakapasyal na din ako kahit hindi ko pa napuntahan... :)

  13. Marvelous capture! And what a beautiful city and river! Always enjoy your tours! Hope your week has gone well!


  14. Impressive skyline...well captured!

  15. LS: Such an unusual post for you. You captured the big buildings of Singapore just beautifully.

  16. Sana magkakaganyan din ulit dito sa Pilipinas... at sana matuloy kami sa Singapore... jijijijijiji

  17. @ pusang kalye - yup, so many places to explore there kasi lumalaki singapore because of the reclamation projects.

    @ chyng - wow. salamat :)

    @ walking on water - sana nga hano? kailan siguro strikto dapat presidente like lee kwan yeuw.

    @ reena - :-p

  18. @ photo cache - almost 10 years lang nila narevive ang river tayo naman ang tagal tagal na natin binubuhay pero wala pa rin.

    @ dodong flores - salamat bro. sana nga marehabilitate natin ang pasig river. we need a lot of discipline to do that.

    @ sheng - totoo yan sheng. para lang tayo langgam lol.

    @ gillboard - new season na ba? di na ko nakapanood.

  19. @ luna miranda - i guess that is one price we have to pay for a lenient and democratic goverment. sa singapore kasi mahigpit talaga sila sa rules of law.

    @ halfcrazy - i share your hope. pasig river should be revived.

    @ fufu - yup can't wait to see universal studios.

    @ lalaine - welcome back plurk friend. dalaw lang pag may time :)

  20. @ sylvia k - thank you very much, beautiful city indeed.

    @ sidney - thanks.

    @ fishing guy - yup. i am used to featuring off the beaten paths and natural landscapes but i do enjoy the urban life sometimes.

    @ xprosaic - good luck bro, enjoy singapore when you go there.

  21. I wish the Philippines would successfully rehabilitate Pasig river the same way the Singaporeans did. Your skyline shots with clouds are awesome!

  22. wow...nice shots..i wish to visit singapore... the government and the people really go along with keeping their country progressive and wonderfully stable...di naman kelangan ng visa dun i wish i could save for a trip there

  23. on my first trp to singapore, may video tape kami to prove na kayang libutin ang gapore for only 30 minutes

    happy weekend, lawstude

  24. i envy your shot! ^0^
    we were there to catch the cruise, but the weather was downright gloomy, so all i got were gray, dull shots.
    this is quite a picturesque scene!
    you made me missed singapore again. ^-^

  25. Wow, your photos for this series is beyond expectations. The Singaporeans' urban planning is amazing.

  26. ang init d2 sa SG! sooooobra. huhu.
    kamusta? ;)

  27. great shots bro! i like the shot of the wheel the most.

    it's good to know that you're back and safe from the capsized boat.

  28. very nice photos of edifices. man, SPORE is just sparkling clean, isn't it?