Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marinduque: Poctoy - Life is a Beach

Poctoy White Beach with Mount Malindig
Life is a beach - a play on words, taken from "life's a ***** and then you die". Originally meaning life is not easy, or that indeed life is hard and in a bit of sarcasm depending on how it is used, it could mean the complete opposite, that life is a breeze.
Solitary Shell Collector
I do prefer the opposite meaning that "life is a breeze" because we usually go to a beach to unwind, soak to be soothed, and let the fine sand tickle our feet. We go to the beach to escape reality even for a short while - to have a break from everything stressful... work, relationships, future!
Poctoy in Glorious Light
Poctoy by day is a tropical paradise. Bright hues of blues - from the sky to the sea with magnificent rock formation that serves as a foreground for a memorable seascape. The sand glistens with the rays of the sun and must basically be the reason why it is called a "White Beach".
White Sand
Although at close inspection, the sand ain't really that white (as compared with the sands of Boracay or Alona) but more of a light gray to cream. In fact, it changes color from off-white to dark cream depending on the presence of light. Nevertheless, it is still too fine that walking on it would certainly soothe your tired feet.
Low Tide
When low tide comes at around five in the afternoon, the shore will turn shallow exposing the rocky interiors of the water. A wade near it would reveal different creatures of the water trapped in a mini pond that the waters have created. Small fish and shells try to crawl back into the waters or into the sea grass the emerged because of the low tide.
Afternoon Scene
Afternoon is the perfect time to walk on the beach because the sun is not too scorching bringing enough light that makes the sea glisten. It is also the time when crowd starts flocking the beach front making people-watching an interesting option.
Emerging Colors
This is also the time when the sky started to change colors and the hues of yellow to orange to red start to blend with the bright blue and white. Clouds also shift colors from the usual white to the more defined darker tones. Sky watchers would definitely appreciate how clouds shifts its shape and colors and blend with the entire scene.
Sun Starting to Set
And as the sun slowly sets... the beach turns into a different world. Ah... Life is a Beach!


  1. Love your play on words! Wonderful capture of a beautiful place! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Oman, and may your life be a beach!!


  2. Ang ganda ng reflection sa tubig. Nice job.

  3. Life is beautiful if only we know how to live it. And nature got a lot of beautiful things in store, if we only knew how to look for it. : )

    Nice take by the way, lawstude!

  4. Very serene; I love it. This place would be good for relaxation after a week of stress and hard work. The mountain in the background is beautiful.

  5. I love the first two photos. Very relaxing to look at.

  6. Ang ganda nga! :) Mas gusto ko yung ganyang beach, yung walang tao. Nevermind if the sand's not pure white.

  7. Oh man, that's a lovely beach you've got there! I love the scenery!

  8. Summer na summer pa rin kahit tag-ulan na. Love these shots. They made me warm.

  9. Yung papa ko may black mug dati na nakalagay yung 'Life's a b*tch, then you die' na quote. Tinanong ko ano ibig sabihin nun. Malalaman ko raw sa takdang panahon. Now I know hehe

    And i love the pictures especially the first one. Romantic ka siguro, Sir :D

  10. @ Kiko - exactly :)

    @ Sylvia K - Haha, thanks Sylvia, life is a beach indeed.

    @ Ian - Thanks, one lovely beach in Marinduque.

    @ Zen - thanks :)

  11. @ Photo Cache - Yup, I live for theday to go back shooting those scenes again.

    @ BlogusVox - Can I copy that phrase? Ang ganda ng pagkakagawa haha. Hope I inspired you to create that phrase. :)

    @ Visual Velocity - Thanks, this is one of my favorite trips this year and would definitely include this on the top of my 2012 list :)

    @ Mhela - Thanks, bakit di lahat? haha.

  12. @ Reena - It was holy week when I went there so medyo madami tao pero you can find a spot there naman na di masyado matao.

    @ Drew - Yay. Thanks Drew :)

    @ Sheng - Thanks sheng, one of my fave todate :)

    @ vinzent - maulan nga sa labas kaya dito na lang ako sa loob para safe and dry :)

    @ micamyx - haha, thanks mica, i have known that quote for sometime now but i really paid no attention to its meaning, parang wala lang hehe, but now, when i am composing this post, ngayun ko lang naresearch meaning nya :) romantic? hopeless siguro haha. :)

  13. hi oman. what resort did you stay in? do you suggest na magpa book in advance or ok lang na mag scout dun na mismo even saturdays? thanks!