Saturday, July 07, 2012

Cabanatuan City : Tabon Fish Pool

Cabanatuan Secret Paradise
All manner of traveler's tales talk about how one resort outdoes the other. But for a while, seeing one is pretty much like seeing them all, and the thrill is totally and completely gone. But in the case of Tabon Fish Pool, a family resort in Cabanatuan, a welcome surprise awaits.

Mirrored Pond
Boat Your Way
A canny play on words make "fish pool" a peaceful haven for calm water enthusiasts. Owned by a game fish hobbyist, life-sized statues of fishermen with their hooks and baits are strategically placed around the resort. The owner of this resort is also a traveler and found ideas on designs from his travels around the world. Also, since most of the times, he is not satisfied with the local resorts he has visited, he made one which will welcome him and act as his place of respite whenever he comes home.
Three Adjacent Fish-Shaped Pools
Rolling In The Deep
This resort is all about water with four swimming pools - one is olympic sized, one is jacuzzi-like, one is for kids, while one has overhead sprinkler that mimics the rain. There are several interconnecting fishponds too where one can navigate using their fish pool bancas. And of-course, one may just sit down on several aisle in the pond and catch fresh water fishes that are abundant therein. This is truly a diversion from the plain rice fields that Cabanatuan is known for.

The Arthritis Healing Feet Walk
Tabon Fish Pool Resort is still a work-in progress but all the basic amenities are already in place. There are available rooms with their own bathrooms for those who wanted to stay the night. There are also several cottages and huts for day-trippers. Although it is not yet open to the public, this resort can cater to private affairs. For inquiries, you may visit their facebook page here.

Hutty Reflections
And just for the sake of reminiscing, I have featured this place almost four years ago in this blog in a post entitled "Gone Fishing". How time flies and oh how the place changed drastically over the years. You may check out my post then here.


  1. What a gorgeous place, Oman!! Superb capture and I do love that perfect reflection on the still, still water! Wonderful! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Picture perfect shots Attorney. Iba talaga pag hometown.

  3. Saan to sa Cabanatuan?

  4. It's been 48 years since I bloghopped, hehehe, and I liked the new changes in your blog. Especially the header and the catchy "Oman is an Island" blog title.

    It's always a treat to read featured posts about home towns.

  5. The place looks cozy. It's perfect for a quick weekend getaway. :-D

  6. that really speaks of peacefulness. my kind of resort where you can either just lounge and read a book and look out at the fish ponds or soak in the water.

  7. As usual Oman, your photos speaks more than any other photos there are which I saw in other sites.

    Impressive narratives too.

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  9. The relection looks better than the sky in the first photo. Fantastic.

  10. Anung klaseng isda ang nanduduon? Nice place!

  11. Beautiful photos as always. Is this near Hunter's Valley?

  12. Ooooh, I want a visit to Cabanatuan!

  13. Beautiful photos as usual. May spam ka yata.

  14. Wow! Ang laki ng pagbabago. Sobrang orderly na sya ngayon.

  15. wow sa cabanatuan lang pala to :) very nice!

  16. You are from here? Nice place.

  17. @ Sylvia K - Thanks Sylvia. The weather that time was perfect for some reflection shots.

    @ vinzent - Ryt :)

    @ Dennis -it is in Bagumbuhay near Hunter Valley in Cabu.

    @ witsandnuts - haha thanks, great to see you back. although i am not blogging as much as i do before, i still try posting something once in a while :)

  18. @ visual velocity - right. and that is exactly what i did that weekend. :)

    @ Photo Cache - yup, nothing fancy but plain good old relaxation.

    @ Doc Wends - Coming from you, that is indeed something :) Thanks Doc - you're the man :)

    @ Kiko - Thanks man :)

  19. @ bertn - they have tilapia and hito and dalag. :)

    @ Vanessa - yup, just few minutes away fro Hunter's Valley and they have the same outskirt roads from Cabumain road.

    @ sheng - welcome ka dito anytime sheng :)

    @ anonymous - galit ka sa american women? parang kanta to ni lenny kravitz ah.

  20. @ Uno -thanks. haha, may nakalusot.

    @ Rizalenio - Yup, in a span of three hours ang laki ng pagbabago.ang ganda na nya ngayon.

    @ itssheee - yup, not open to the public yet but they do cater to private affairs.

    @ zen - spent my childhood there and will always go back to the province i call home :)

  21. Open up the majority of the channels on the gear and let the water out swimming pools