Saturday, July 21, 2012

Boracay: Pick Puka

Puka Beach, Boracay
It is easy to understand why Boracay is named 2012 world's best island getaway by an international travel magazine. It is accessible, the beaches are simply gorgeous and most of all, by foreign standards, the accommodations are very affordable.
Puka Beach Welcome Marker
One Hot Beach
And although White Beach is considered Boracay's premier beach, Puka Beach on the islands's northernmost part can stand on its own in terms of its exotic beauty and tranquility.

Sunny Side
I Heart Boracay!!!
Puka Beach is the second longest beach in Boracay and it covers half of the island's northern tip. The sand here is more silica and a little more grainy. The mild, gentle waves lapping the beach provide a pleasant background noise common to islands fringed with coral reefs.
Walking in Paradise
Pearly Shells... Hanging
The beach itself is 800 meters long and named after Puka Shells. These are small shells and tiny, white coral pieces prized for making bracelets and necklaces. Many experts regard these shells as one of the world's finest.

Good Day to Dock
Bracelet made from Puka Shells
Puka Beach is one of my favorite spots in the island and one of the best spots if you wanna get away from the maddening crowd of White Beach.

More of Boracay on my next posts.


  1. I could surely use a vacation there, Oman, particularly this weekend!!! I love the shells and the colors. Beautiful capture as always!

  2. favorite ko ang Puka Beach... not crowded... :)

  3. Was able to visit the beach while in Boracay! Twas really very quiet there, nice photos!

  4. super like the 1st photo.
    lakas maka-summer ng post na to! =)

  5. Super like the first pic.

  6. Hmmm sayang parang di ata kami nakapasyal sa Puka nung nagbora kami... Pagbalik ko papasyal kami dto.

  7. Wow Boracay, Summer na summer pa rin sa Blog mo kahit bumabagyo na. Ingat lagi.

  8. Such a wonderful place to enjoy summer! Great!

  9. Perfect post for welcoming the sun. Oh boy, it has rained on weekends and was not able to enjoy it.

  10. I am always lost for words when describing Boracay. It is more fun there.

  11. Never been to Puka Beach when I visited Boracay in 2008 but your pictures are delightful and stunning... I mean superb shots!

  12. Namiss ko bigla ang puka beach at ang boracay. Maganda din ang sceneries papunta sa beach na ito.

    Ang gaganda ng mga photos. Happy weekend. :)

  13. Beautiful photos of a lovely place.

  14. The first photo is picture perfect. The background of the blue sky and white beach is fantastic.

  15. Hey, cool content, but WordPress breaks it up on my monitor. Maybe it's the plugin you have on the site. Have you considered a different CMS?

  16. Wow! Love your captures. Man! The last time I stepped foot on Puka Beach was probably in the early 90's pa. Good to know that the place has remained relatively quiet.

  17. Oh my, I just love sights like these specially on these rainy days. Hope the sun comes up soon.

  18. @ Sylvia K - you can say that again, specially in this rainy week, we could all use a sunny vacation :)

    @ Pinoy Adventurista - Correct Mervs, pangbalanse sa gulo ng White Beach. Pero minsan masarap din ang magulo.

    @ Sheng - Thanks, Puka never fails to impress me anytime.

    @ Chyng - Thanks, di pa tayo nagkakasamang mag-beach. Calling Dong!:)

  19. @ Anne - Thanks:)

    @ Dorm Boy - There is always next time but please do visit this beach and you won't regret it. Just a short tricycle ride from White Beach.

    @ Mhela - Thanks. You too. One good thing about accumulating summer shots is that even if it is raining, you will still feel the warmth of summer even through photos.

    @ Reydan Duldulao - Welcome back dude and thanks.

  20. @ vinzent - yup, but one good thing about this weather is that you can have more time to sleep (kasi suspended office) and after that, i will have time to update my blog :)

    @ Reena -Gimme some of that :)

    @ Ian - Thanks for the nice words. Go check it out the next time you go there Ian.

    @ Rizalenio - Thanks. Favorite beach ko to sa Boracay and will always goback there given the chance.

  21. @ Ellen - thanks for the visit.

    @ Kiko - Glad you like it. Was thinking of putting a beach shot for the profile but I guess most of youguys like this photo so i am glad I put it as the primary photo. :)

    @ Jenn - Yup, although this time there are tricycles waiting at the netrance so mas accessible na sya ngayon unlike before where you need to rent a tricycle to take you to and from there.

    @ zen - we all hope that the sun will shime to us na :) thanks for the visit.