Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nagsasa Cove : A Perfect Backpackers' Weekend Getaway Place

Nagsasa Cove
Much has already been written about this little piece of paradise off the coast of Zambales. Although not as popular as Anawangin and may not be as interesting as Capones, Nagsasa Cove hold it's own as one of the most scenic and at the same time laid-back place where you could easily get lost to its beauty and not mind anything at all.

Greens and Blues Overload
Evolving Seascape
The beauty of Nagsasa Cove is an offshoot of the Mount Pinatubo eruption. It used to be a usual rocky cove that has nothing much interesting to offer. But due to outflux of lahar flows from the eruption, tons of ash has been deposited in its mountain range that eventually cascade into the sea forming a shoreline made-up of sand and ash. It is an an evolving landscape that took twenty years for mother nature to develop.   
Silver Lining
Lake Within
And view does not end with the sea because the constant lahar flows also formed a lake within the cove which is the primary source of tap water in the area. The waters from the lake flows from the mountain and into the sea.
Captivating Scene
Ash and Sand
This cove is a favorite spot of one of my buddy Lantaw and when I went there for the first time this summer, I had an instant appreciation of why he like the place. I was half-expecting a turbulent boat ride from Pundaquit to Nagsasa but much to my surprise, the ocean is pretty calm. So calm that you could even take a nap in this a little more than an hour ride occasionally waking-up at the sight of Capones, Camara and Anawangin Cove which you will pass-by. 
Nature's Gift
Sizzlin' Shore
And when you reach the island, you will be torn on whether to explore it first or just relax on its sleep-inducing ambiance. Either way, you will always end up a winner for you can either have some amazing  souveneer shots of the place or have your weary city-body rejuvenized or envigorated. Luckily, I did both... and the best part is, Nagsasa Cove is relatively cheap and barely four hours away from Manila. 
Backpackers' Playground

Sunset views from Nagsasa in my next post.


  1. What an awesome looking place, Oman!! I would love to visit there! Your photos are the next best thing to being there!! Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

  2. Never been here, though I can't count the times Ive ben to other places in Zambales.. especially the Surf havens.
    Maka pagplano nga

  3. if there isn't already, pretty soon little cottages will be popping up in its shores.

  4. Oh your post made miss Nagsasa right away! I also just visited it just this Summer. And I agree with your descriptions - it was laid-back and you'll be torn on whether explore it first or relax right away. Being in Nagsasa is like being a different place. The mountains seems to like from New Zealand or Switzerland. I was so awe with the sceneries of Nagsasa Cove and can't wait to write my travel story about it.

    Now I'm excited on your next post - Sunsets!

  5. Beautiful Nagsasa! Sayang, hanggang Anawangin lang ang narating ko, due to lack of time. Great photos! :)

  6. seems you'll love it a first sight!awesome photos!!!:-)

  7. why the heck have I not yet visited these famous coves? :-)

  8. Of the 3 places (Anawangin and Capones), Nagsasa is what I love the best because of the reasons you explained. Something so great about not having so many people around. Although there were other campers there, the place is just so wide that you can't help but feel that you have the place all to yourself.

    We spent a night in Nagsasa, though I wish we stayed longer. Dami pang pwedeng malibot dun! I remember walking by myself and exploring the area. Daming angles ang cove na ito. so beautiful!