Saturday, June 01, 2013

Tabuk City 3/5 : Holy Run

Contrary to the notion that Tabuk is a mountainous area, this capital of Kalinga Province is a flat, sweltering town on the banks of Chico River. A prominent structure at the town center is St. Williams Cathedral just in front of St. Williams Academy. Although it's facade is typically modern and not as fascinating as some century-old churches the region is known for, still, this Roman Catholic Church has its alluring appeal with its semi-open-type walls where church-goers can feel the air passing through it. 

Since Tabuk is the Kalinga's capital, it is where the Provincial Capitol is located. This unpretentious building is made interesting by the manucured lawn in front of it. The natural greens were complemented by colorful structures that best exemplifies Tabuk people's love for colors.
On display also were several native Kalinga Huts that will provide you just a simple glimpse on the culture and tradition of the people of Kalinga. I have gathered that although the modern types of houses have long replaced this abode in the City, there are still few places in Kalinga, specially those living in the mountainous area, who still live in this traditional huts.
Lastly, when I asked my tricycle driver where do tourists usually go to in the City, he brought me to the Kalinga Sports Complex. I have this feeling that by the way he promoted the place, this City must have been so proud of this arena. More than the structure itself consisting of a track oval, a field for batted balls and a basketball court, I think that they are proud of this place because it served as a melting pot of camaraderie and friendship among the people of the Cordilleras because this is where athletic meets within the region are usually held.

If you plan to say overnight, you may opt to stay at Davidson Hotel (0918 930 0830) or Golden Berries Hotel (0915 844 4119). But if you are in a budget, you can try the Kalinga Youth Hostel. Tricycles abound in the City Proper so going around the City is not a problem.

More of Tabuk on my next posts.


  1. Looks like a quaint place to visit.

  2. The hut looks lovely. Have a nice day.

  3. Very seldom do I see Tabuk, all the while I thought it was a difficult place to reach. Thanks for the feature.

  4. Di ka na naman nagsama Atty. Mukhang maganda nga dyan.