Friday, April 01, 2016

Batanes : Another Dozen Photos That Show Why I Love Sabtang Island

As if a dozen is not enough, here is another dozen photos that will convince you to book that dream travel destination to Batanes and head to Sabtang Island:

Biking at the Port and headin' to the Lighthouse at the Background

Quaint Little Church at Chavayan

Old Houses Still Occupied

Rough Sea Scape

This is where Bakuls are Traded

Sabtang Lighthouse

Approaching Nakabuang Beach

Colorful Shores

Swirling Tree Trunks, Roots and All

Escaping at Nakabuang Beach

The Popular Nakabuang Arch

Tatus and Batanes Delicacies

The last couple of posts were part of my solo day trip at Sabtang Island. Sabtang Island an hour ferry boat ride from Ivana Port, Batan Island. You will arrive at Sabtang Port that has an outright view of the Sabtang Lighthouse. 

It's nice to start the trip by visiting San Vicente Ferrer which is just few minutes away from the Port. Then ride a motorcycle (or bicycle for the more adventurous), and visit the three towns of Sabtang which all like they were frozen (let it go, let it go...)  in time . Barrio Savidug and Idjang are old settlement where local wine is made and where people take refuge when attacked by other clans during the old times. Then, one of my favorite place there, Barrio Chavayan, is known for its preservation and protection of old stone houses.

Lunch of Batanes delicacy Tatus with some other meals are served at Nakabuang Beach. This Beach is not fit for swimming because of very strong current and waves. But there are some interesting place to wander around the beach like the popular arch and the small cave at the left side of the beach.

Be sure though to catch the last trip of the ferry back to Batan Island at around 3 pm, otherwise, you will be stranded in paradise... I don't mind though.


  1. What an awesome, beautiful place, Oman!!! Paradise indeed!! Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful trips! They're the next best thing to being able to take them myself!! Have a great new week!!

  2. Awesome gallery! Nanhihinayang nanaman ako d ako natuloy sa batanes. Twice na sayang ang tickets. Waaa

  3. Batanes is a paradise. Let it wait for an awesome trip of a lifetime. Anyway, beautiful gallery!

  4. Beuatiful place, look very serene.

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful! I wish I could go visit Batanes soon! :)

  6. It's nice to know that there are still towns in the PI that is preserved the way they were. Too much replacing the old with the new nowadays. I can see why this won't be a secret longer to outside visitors.

  7. Such a beautiful island. I gotta go there.