Friday, March 11, 2016

Davao Oriental : Mati's Dahican Beach

Future Champion

They start them young and they become world-class competitors. Kuya Jun's Amihan Team and female champ Lang can be seen almost everyday facing all the challenges that the waves of the ocean bring. Dahican Beach afterall, is not just their playground but a source of pride among us all.

Turtle Egg Sanctuary

Dahican Beach is one of Davao Oriental's popular and most visited tourist attractions. It is a long stretch of white sand beach ideal for beach bumming. It is also perfect for water sport activities such as surfing and skim boarding.

Waiting For His Time to Shine

This beach also has one of the kindest and happiest crowd there is. Once you get there, everyone has just a ready genuine smile for you. Just sit on the sand or among pieces of wooden logs there and surely, someone right there will chat with you.

Surfer's Playground

However, the best experience and part for me is you got the best front seat to witness these local skim boarders and surfers play with waves and maneuver some of the best moves you will see on the sea. And if you have your camera ready, there is no doubt that you will have your hands full shooting one awesome shot after another.

Waiting for the Waves

And if you want to try your hands on those boards, local surfers there offer surfing lessons for a very reasonable fees. Or you may just try skim boarding if you do not want to go to the deeper part of the sea.

Serene Beauty

Clean, calm yet adventurous with awesome people to boot. Dahican Beach is one of the best beach I have gone to and I will surely go back here to experience more.


  1. Superb captures of so much beauty, Oman!! Thank you, as always for sharing the beauty! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!!

  2. I agree that these kids will someday bring our county in the world surfing map.

  3. Hmm but are there parts good for swimming... it seems you have to ride the waves.

  4. Are the waves big there?

  5. I didn't know Davao had its own surf spot. I am planning Baler this May if i have the time.