Wednesday, November 02, 2016

5 Tips to Survive a Rainy Beach Getaway

Beaches are the perfect destinations when you are looking to have fun under the sun. However, the weather won’t always be in your favor. Even if the sky is clear and the sun is shining, it can start raining at any given moment. Nevertheless, there is no reason to let terrible weather get you down.

A lot of opportunities open up when it starts raining on the beach. Though swimming in the sea might have to get canceled, you can still enjoy your rainy beach getaway indoors. Here are just a few ways how:

1. Explore the Hotel Amenities

If you’re staying in one of many all-inclusive hotels in the Philippines, you can check online hotel booking  apps like Traveloka to look for the best deals. You can also expect all-around accommodations beyond just free Wi-Fi. This includes gyms, spas, game rooms, and in-house restaurants. With this variety, you’ll be able to enjoy staying in your hotel even when the rain ruins your trip to the beach. And because of that, everyone – no matter what age – can find something to do. If you want some time away from the kids, leave them in the game room while you have a relaxing massage. Think that you’ll miss out on your daily exercise routine? Then go work out in the gym. If it’s too dangerous to swim on the beach, take a dip in the indoor pool. When you’re in a nice hotel, it’s impossible to get bored.

     2.   Sit Back, Relax, and Chill
There is still a lot of things you can do indoors. With all that free time in your hands, you’ll be able to catch-up on other possible hobbies like reading, writing, or drawing. Also, rain makes the perfect weather to just sit on the couch all day and have a nice hot cup of cocoa. And if ever the rain stops pouring, you’ll find yourself refreshed and energized—ready to enjoy the rest of your vacation. 

     3.   Watch All the Movies!
Once you find yourself stuck watching matinée shows on TV, then it’s time to switch it up and watch something else.  Look into your hotel movie guide and choose which films will make your day a bit more interesting. Surely, there are enough genres to keep you occupied until the rain dissipates. Yes, it will put a dent in your expenses, but watching a movie is better than scrolling randomly through the TV channels. 

     4.   Tour around the City
You don’t have to confine yourself to one venue. If the weather calms itself enough to allow you to go outside, why not visit the nearby establishments and landmarks? Exploring the surrounding area gives you a glimpse of the local culture and lets you try something unique. There will always be a couple of restaurants, malls, and side shops near your lodging to spur the adventurer in you.

     5.   Go Out and Have Fun in the Rain
Before you head out and enjoy the rain on the beach, you need to be certain that it’s safe to go outside. After all, the Philippines experiences dozens of storms every year, and it won’t be nice ending your trip abruptly due to accidents and mishaps. If you are met by a soft drizzle, there is nothing standing between you and your ultimate beach getaway. The sun may be hiding behind the heavy clouds, but you can still practically swim in the sea and build sandcastles. But if it’s raining heavily, it may be best that you stay indoors. Remember to always stay posted with the weather news. Who knows? Maybe in a few minutes the rain will let up, and the beach will be sunny once again.


  1. Cool tips. Who said you can't enjoy the beach on rainy days?

  2. I love to sit on the beach while rain pours on my head.